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Summer Memories


School is out!  The weather is HOT!  The days are long.  Here I am reminiscing again.

My kids love technology.  Computers, iPads, Kindles.  My daughter loves to steal my phone and hop on Snap Chat.  And I cringe.  I cringe because I think about pages turned backward when I was nine years old and what my own summers consisted of.

I grew up in rural North Carolina.  My parents were gone during the day in the summer and that meant I spent my time pedaling.  I was lucky enough to get to sleep in as they went to work and school and when I got up I would get dressed, go outside, hop on my bike and ride up our little road to my Mammaw’s house.

My days were spent pedaling.  Our road was about a quarter of a mile long.  It had been a dirt road until the county decided to make sure all roads were paved.  A few people fought the system and won (farming roads).  I started pedaling on the rough terrain of gravel and dust and as I got older it switched to a smoother ride of asphalt or tar and gravel.

There were no devices to keep my attention.  My bike and the constant up and down of maneuvering the road were my focus.  How fast could I go?  Could I hit the pothole just right and get that high of being airborne for a nanosecond?  I could!

Sometimes I would take my bike into the wooded area that was where the creek was.  This was also the spot the neighbor’s cows would mosey down to in the heat of the day to drink or get their hooves wet in.  I loved sitting by that creek.  Lizards, salamanders, turtles, hoppy toads were my interest and here is where they were.

I would be joined on occasion by my own dog (Daisy May, my basset hound or Maggie my Border Collie) and sometimes by Nescafe (my aunt’s dog) or whatever dog was living at my grandma’s at the time.

Today I live on a highway and my kids cannot freely pedal.  Now I have to map out areas we could go biking and not worry about traffic.  We have a nice little wooded area behind our home but we also have Copperheads back there.  Mama bear comes out when poisonous snakes are hunkered down.  Which, now that I think about it, is funny.  I’m sure there were more than a few Copperheads around that creek but if they were there they let me be. (Black snakes came out in full force though!)

To close this memory up – I’m glad I had the childhood I did of pedaling and pushing myself.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to commune in nature without that title.  I’m pleased that my pedaling was only interrupted by lunch and helping my Mammaw with chores.

I guess it was all part of the recipe that grew me into what and who I am.

Pedal on kids.



26 thoughts on “Summer Memories”

  1. AND your are amazing because of it!! Pedaling..oh how I loved my bikes growing up. The red banana seat bike was my favorite, yes, hours of pedaling and seeing what I could find!! I am loving when you take me back to the simplicity if it all!! I forgot you had a Daisy May, can’t wait to tell our Daisy; she’s sleeping with dad right now, lol. Have a wonderful day my darling friend!!

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    1. How many kids are so addicted to technology now that they are either forced to go outside or refuse all together? Makes me sick! I’m glad you like this littler series of mine!!! Give your Daisy extra cuddles! Happy Monday 🙂


  2. I think about this stuff all the time and wish that my girls didn’t live a world that is swept away with everything digital. Like library books that have those index card stamp things in them…. Those were the day. I hear you on the copperheads to. I cringe every time I go walking through our woods. We really need to clean up some underbrush and leaves. At least if there were clear paths to adventure on you’d see them.

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    1. If it makes you feel any better – I have stood on a copperhead *not knowing* and it didn’t try to bite me. It raised it’s head, looked at me, as if to say, what the hell? I’m sleeping! I jumped about fifteen feet after I realized what I was on and probably outran any Olympic sprinter. xo


  3. I was just telling my friend the other day that at my daughter’s age I was riding my bike all over the neighborhood and today I don’t want to let her ride 3 blocks because I am afraid of what could happen. We have had to limit the amount of time our girls in front of a screen so our babysitter has to find things for them to do outside or they have to read. I wish we could raise our kids back in our day. 😦

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    1. I get it. Safety today is no joke. I wish I could give my kids the freedom we had but I cannot in good faith. Our sitter has been AMAZING at getting the kids out of the house and away from the screens. I am with you – I wish we could have the fun stuff of our day too!


  4. Ohhhh I love this post! I was found riding my horse all summer long. Bareback, no shoes, and just loving life. If I wasn’t riding a horse, I was on a bike. I would ride my bike to my grandparents house (about 2 miles away) and drink a Pepsi and eat a banana and watch The Price is Right almost every single day in the summer with them. I LOVE those memories. I loved reading your memories because it always brings up some of mine as well. We still have tons of gravel roads around us and even cattle guards because ranches are able to free-graze. The best part about this summer has been taking away devices (I did in April and they still haven’t asked for them back) and y kids have rode their bikes daily and been outside more than before. I love it. I hope you have a great day. I love this series!

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    1. Fun fun memories! I had a pony I would attempt to ride but he was mean as a fire ant. Oh and your Pepsi and banan – mine was RC Cola or Cheerwine and Cheeze Doodles! I’m proud of your babies letting the electronics go! We are working on that here with our oldest. I hope your day is great too, sweetie!


  5. Love the memories!! I would ride my bike everywhere when I was growing up!!
    Ian would never come in if I didn’t make him! He does love his technology but he would SO much rather be outside!!
    Ella, no so much outside, but she plays dolls, teacher, or store all day LONG!
    Great series!

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  6. I was just telling a friend last week how me and my best friend would stay outside all day and ride our bikes! We would pedal up to a nearby mom and pop store and get icees and a candy bar! Those were the days!!

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    1. Oh you are one of those people…HH snob! Just kidding that’s what we call them here! Total joke sweetie. Girl, I have a bike but these days I rarely get on it. It’s a cruiser and for where I live I need a better one. I cannot wait until we can all go ride when little man is bigger.


  7. I loved reading this. I didn’t grow up in a rural area but we were out of the house from sun up until sundown. So far my boys are the same and want to stay outside all day long. I hope it lasts. There are so many wonderful things that you will never discover when you aren’t exploring. And just as this memory sticks out to you, I hope all of our kids have similar memories that leave imprints on their lives.

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  8. I grew up pedaling too! We are trying so hard to make sure our kids do too. I’m really proud that my oldest learned to ride last fall. And he loves it. He can’t get on the road bc ppl drive like maniacs.. but we have a long drive in between the house and the barn and he just makes the loop over and over again.

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  9. Copperheads? Eek!! I hate any kind of snake!
    This weekend we are taking the kids camping and they are probably going to be in electronics withdrawl. But there’s more to life than the ipad and Kindle and one way or another, these kids of mine are going to experience it!

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    1. We went to the library every now and then but I was not a reader as a child so I was bored there! Of course now? I love it! Snakes…yep its weird they don’t really scare me. Does that speak of my character? LOL OK wait when one comes out of no where yes I scream and run like a little girl.


  10. Our summers were definitely so different weren’t they? We headed out in the morning and didn’t come home until dark and my mom was never worried about me. I have a hard time letting mine go walk the damn dog by herself to far away in fear someone might snatch her. Summer time definitely holds some of my very favorite memories.

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