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Friday #24 (right?)



Happy Friday, friends!  Today I am planning on spending as much time as I can in pajamas.  Right now that means zero time!

This week has been super busy and I’m pretty worn out. I was glad to have been able to post out on Monday my favorite things for the month.  The blog was quiet except for yesterday and that we shall tackle later in this post.

This week has been an adjustment week.  And I’m happy to report it went very well!

The first issue was:  Cats

Image may contain: cat
Amendola Cupcake aka Fat Kitty

Yes that was plural.  Last weekend we adopted Amendola Cupcake.  Then she went missing.  So we got another frisky kitty that I call Orange Kitty. Well an hour and a half after bringing Orange Kitty home Amendola Cupcake (who I call fat kitty) showed back up.  (That is a whole post in itself.)  We quickly became an anti cat household turned two cat household.

Both cats have adjusted quite well to two kids, two adults, and one very unhappy puggle.

As of the timing of this post the Puggle is happy to have Orange Kitty because Orange Kitty and she love to play.

The second adjustment:  A new sitter!

Image result for i have the best nanny

The kiddos had their first week with our new nanny sitter and she is simply AMAZING!  Both kids are totally in love with Sara and she is beyond awesome.  She has kept the kiddos super busy and having fun.  We are so blessed to have her!


Yesterday I tried to host a link up – it was an epic fail so I’m done with hosting link ups!  But two fabulous ladies did try to link up with me and I suggest you scoot over to their posts and browse their favorite Pinterest 5 finds with the theme Summer DIY.  I will continue to do this post once a month but I cannot say I can contend with the link up issue.  I shall leave that to all the pros out there.

Speaking of Laura she did try to link up with me yesterday and she’s going to give her baby girl a tattoo…

Afternoon tea anyone? Kim is planning away!


Today’s post is short and sweet and that is because I’m running around trying to get everything in order for the first sleep over of the summer.  Though Hurricane Cindy was a gulf coast deal we are expected to get some rain bans from her.  That huzzy should have stayed far, far away!  So weather permitting we’re swimming, eating tacos and ice cream, and going to have a super fun time together.

I posted my best tips on hosting a sleepover in this post.

Here’s hoping your weekend is amazing!



20 thoughts on “Friday #24 (right?)”

  1. Happy Fri-YAY cat mama!!! Lucky cats! Eat a taco and ice cream for me, I will be in my PJ’s too but pricing loads of boxes of garage sale crap, lol. Stay safe, have fun and pretend I just gave my sweet lil sis a big ole’ hug!! xoxo

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    1. I thought it was time for a garage sale! Girl, I would come up and shop your sale in the snap of a finger. I think I could totally drive up my uncle goes to Indiana every August and has a ball at some tractor thing. I wish we were neighbors because during these slumber parties I miss hanging with the girls (my own age!) Have a beautiful weekend and here’s the hug right back at ya! xoxoxo


  2. Happy Friyay friend. Amendola Cupcake, best name ever. I am curious to learn more on the tale of two kitties. Baha ha, see what I did there. I hope you can unwind a bit this weekend and that the sleepover is a total success too.

    If you ever want to trouble shoot your linkup issues, leme know. I’d be glad to help out.

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    1. I will shoot you an email and you can be my personal tech professional! Just please don’t bill me. LOL! Amendola (for Danny Amendola, a Patritot Wide Receiver) and Cupcake was what the kid picked. I actually refer to her as fat kitty the majority of the time because she’s obese. And I will totally blog the story of what happened when I’m not so darn embarassed! I hope your weekend is amazing just like you are! XOXO!


      1. That seems like complete crap to me. How are you trying to add it. Did you copy and paste the HTML code? There are several ways to add it and several kinds of code. The easiest has always been to just copy the HTML, make sure you are in HTML mode and then paste it in. I know some of the linkup companies charge for services and I know if you are self hosted things get different and can require plugins to use self hosting codes. But just to change the HTML. That seems like…. a word I won’t say.

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  3. This week was crazy for me too and I am so going to stay in my pajamas as long socially acceptable. Haha. Two cats are better than one, right? 🙂 Glad it’s working out. We love our cats. They are outside but are excellent mousers! So glad you ah e the best sitter. That is a huge blessing! Enjoy the weekend!

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  4. Amendola Cupcake is my new favorite cat name. My previous favorites are my coworker’s cat, Dr. Waffles, who escaped and was thought to be found, but was mistaken for another awesomely named cat, Martin Van Purren. I digress. Hope Cindy is nothing, she wasn’t too bad to us here on the coast. Pool and tacos sound amazing, enjoy the heck out of it!

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  5. Ha! Tattoo indeed!! I finally heard, “I’m bored” this week! Insert eye roll. I still cannot get over that y’all have not one, but TWO cats in ONE week! Omg! That calls for more vodka sister! Love ya! Have a great weekend!

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    1. News alert: Rehoming one cat. I cannot deal. She’s too kitten and she’s a nocturnal beast. Waking up the kids and all that mess. Cannot do it. You know I haven’t had vodka in a week? But I may change that – my baby girl is off to camp this week. Love ya back!


  6. I am dying about the cats!! I can’t believe you ended up with 2 cats!! That is forever going to be funny to me. Hope your sleepover was a success.

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