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Favorite Things: June 2017


And now my favorite time of the month when I share with you my most favorite things that aren’t really human or animal or breathing.  You know the crap that makes me materialistic – and I hope this shows I’m not too terribly materialistic?!

I really love sharing these things with you and this month the focus is CHEAP.


A.  This little gem of a room spray (Walmart) came in a swap box I received.  (More info on that next week!)  It smells like the beach and that is why it makes me happy, made this list, and why you should buy it.

B. This little gem of a fake Yeti (I believe an old pal who doesn’t blog anymore, sadly, Emily) is the best bet if you don’t want to shell out a grocery bill for a cup.  The Ozark Trail version of the Yeti cup is da bomb dot com.  It keeps my pirate punch water cold all day long in this hot as balls NC heat.  Loving it!  (Walmart, $9.97)

C.  This is not a little gem.  That is a worn out mama who had been mama-ing all week like a champ.  I love that in the summer hair is washed and then dried by the sun – skin is golden-ish thanks to the sun and sunscreen, and the whole i-don’t-give-a-rat’s-butt-how-i-look look can just go over well because its summer!

D.  Breakfast on my porch at 6:20 AM is a pure joy that costs nothing.  I inherited my grandmother’s Florida Room furniture and I will never give it back to my mother.  It is perfection for my well being.

E.  I was never a hat person.  I hated myself in hats.  I wore hats and people would say, “God Almighty!  Take that blasted thing off your head!”  This year I bought myself a monogrammed hat and have wore the ever living out of it.  I love it forever and always and next up I’m getting a Patriots one!  P.S. I ordered mine from my favorite local boutique, Southern Ties (formerly Haj Paj) – I freaking adore that store.  Sadly, they are closed for the summer and then after that I learned the owner is moving to Fayettnam I mean Fayetteville and that they were working out a deal where the store would still be open.  If that store closes for good…..I will be depressed.  WARNING!

F.  Happy Meal Toys – I like it when they are good.  Currently, the Beanie Babies are back and I love them for the shear reason they are a cool little toy.  Plus, if the kids don’t like them the dog has a freaking field day!

G.  ORLY is my favorite of favorites.  This is my new choice of nail color and the picture doesn’t do justice.  I got this in the spring, forgot about it, pulled it out and fell in love.  Such a sweet story.  Precious.  The color is: As Seen On TV  and it’s probably only from the set I bought but go find it.

What are your favorite things this month?


The Cheap Girl


19 thoughts on “Favorite Things: June 2017”

  1. I love my fake yeti from Wal-Mart too. Mine is primarily used to keep my coffee warm all morning lol! I love your hat, super cute. I need to check that shop out. And your nail color is the perfect summer color.


  2. I too have a fake yeti! Kept my ice iced for 8 hours on Saturday. I just tried ORLY and loved it. But I love you more! There may be a surprise on its way to you,,,,eek just saying! Muah!!!!!! Happy Monday babe!


  3. Ok, getting the cup! I have seen them and been so tempted by the price but wasn’t sure how they worked. SOLD. Ha! Sitting outside drinking coffee is the best way to start your day. I love that you are doing it daily. That hat is so cute.


  4. I say wear all the hats. The only time of they year I really wear them is summer when I want to keep the sun off my face a bit. I think you look adorable. Next stop for me, coffee on the porch!


  5. Yep we have 6 of those cups! I take one every day to work. I’ve received a few from students that are monogrammed too- super fun! Keep enjoying those outdoor breakfasts! We are already at a our first park of the day- have a great day!


  6. I am lucky that I have a fancy sister that gave me a real Yeti for my birthday. If not I would be purchasing the one you have linked. I need to set my alarm earlier and have coffee on my porch. I have a monogrammed visor from feathered nest boutique on Etsy and I just adore it. hope your Monday is terrific!


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