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Friday # 24


Well this marks the end of the first week of Summer Break 2017 and it wasn’t too terribly shabby!  I’m going to go photo crazy on this post and leave little to the keyboard.

Last Friday *Last Day of School*

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My mom’s last day as a second grade teacher was also June 9th.  Actually, it was her last day as a teacher completely.  I hosted a surprise party for her after her work day was over.  I will never host another suprise party for an adult again!  The stress!  Oh and my car died again when I was at the bakery getting the cake (and it was 90 degrees outside…)  Anyway – the party was a succes and she had a good time.
Image may contain: food
I was not expecting all the gorgeous sunshine and heat.  I think it was a surprise for all since we had been under the average temperature for the year all week.  The cake is Italian Creme (her favorite) and it was so good!  You cannot beat Publix spinach artichoke dip – get some!  Fresh berries from Publix too.  I’m so glad they finally came to North Carolina!

Last Saturday

We spent Saturday at two places:  PetSmart & Chick Fil A.  PetSmart is just a given when the kids are with us.  They love to go see the animals I would never let them have like mice…and cats.  (Bonafide dog person here.)  Well of course while we were there a cat adoption group was set up.  My husband loves cats (apparently).  I enjoyed looking but nothing more.  Then I learned a cat had lost his best friend – as in one was adopted and the other was not.  That kind of broke my heart because the cat was sad.  He looked like he was dying.  I swear.  But I’m mean and I can walk away.  That is until….

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We went to the Marion’s for an incredibly fun pool party.  The theme was End of School.  The kids had so much fun and the six adults (I’m included in that adult thing) did too!  I’m so happy we have an awesome family to enjoy the summer with.  Oh and my son is out of control – he was macking on the ladies left and right….the ones that are in middle school that is.  Notice him in the middle.

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Lori is a cat lover and she has a few.  So remember the other blippit I just wrote about?  Remember the part regarding my husband?  Well he made a friend.  And then a topic came that wasn’t going to go away.  A topic that stuck around for three days…

Sunday Fun Day

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Sunday brought a fabulous play date hosted by the Calamusa family!  My son was so excited to get to play with his school buddies!  I enjoyed getting to know Mia a bit better too.  We never had a chance to talk much during the school year.  She’s a sweet soul and was able to give me some awesome information on essential oils (not the direct sale crap either!)
Image result for vbs maker fun factory
We are a VBS loving crew.  My kids are extremely social and so they live for VBS.  In our community we have three churches that always have the sweetest VBS programs!  They are actually the ones I went to growing up too.  This week the kids loved Maker Fun Factory at Eaton’s Baptist Church.  It was a smaller gathering and the kids were so excited to go each night.  I cannot wait to share the cool projects they made next week.

Monday – Thursday

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Hello summers at the Lake.  We kicked off summer break by spending a day at Lake Norman.  The kids had a blast and I got some sun!
I always worry that my daughter is not happy with whatever.  After we decided to load up from the lake beach we were changing clothes in the bathroom when she said, “I had so much fun today, mama!” Yay!

Summer break means extra library time.  We stocked up on books this week.  Next week the summer reading program kicks off.  And as is typical – the picture below is our Happy Meal toy – I love it when they have the beanie babies!  Nothing says summer to me like a lunch by the play place at MCD.  I know it isn’t healthy but y’all it is summer and Happy Meals meld with summer time like no body’s business!  (If you don’t use Ibotta then you should – my code is in that IG caption!)

And what I didn’t get pictures of?

*The fact my coop has went from five birds to two.  We have a bobcat…need I say more?

*I spent two days helping out our sweet, sweet sitter.  I do not know how she watched kids for 45+ years because after a few hours I was beat!

*Swimming at nana’s house.  We have less than a month to enjoy the pool.  

*The night before VBS wrapped up the kids had a blast having a shaving cream war!  So much fun and thought I thought I was safe at pick up….I wasn’t!  I cannot wait to add that to a sleepover party over the summer!

Around the blog this week:

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Next Thursday if you want to join me (it could be an epic failure….) 


I hope you all have a great weekend ahead!  I’m looking forward to GNO with my bestie, bringing home the newest addition to our family, and seeing what we get into for Father’s Day 2k17.  

Meet you by the sea #beachlife



18 thoughts on “Friday # 24”

  1. Aaahhhhh! Summer weeks are just the best weeks. I kind of OMG’ed when I read we have a bob cat. And I thought my copper heads/ coyotes were gonna get the chickens. Have a lovely Fathers Day weekend friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have one or two Bob Cats come through each summer. They are annoying because I’m not sure if you have many out there but they scream and it sounds horrid. I haven’t seen any copperheads this year and normally we have a few and the coyotes are always vocal but I haven’t had any on the property. And this has been a report from Ranger Amanda!


    1. You’re so so sweet. After seeing a picture another person took of me that day I went into depression mode and had to have my BFF get real with me about how I really look. I hate being a girl sometimes! LOL We decided to trash the dress. And yes she should enjoy her summer I imagine this week’s trip to the beach will be the first of many she takes as she awaits to become my neighbor. Can’t hide money! (I need some, dammit!) XOXO


  2. OHHHHH those Beanie Babies hit my classroom hard in the last week of school. I embraced them and the freakin fidget spinners with open arms (not so much the fidget spinner) but I told my students those Beanie Babies liked to be read to and help us stay quiet and it worked. They are all so cute. I am so happy for your mom. I wonder what she will be feeling in August/September. I have heard it is a lot of mixed emotions. What a fun week you all had. Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think she’ll be fine. It was the perfect time to bow out of education for her. I never understood why parents allowed their kids to bring any toy to school. I didn’t grow up in a school where that was ok. Girl, those fidget spinners make me want to go bizerk. I hope your weekend is simply fabulous – JUST LIKE YOU!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Eek! Bobcats! We hear about bobcat sightings here every once in a while. Make sure to keep your new kitty friend indoors so he/she doesn’t end up as the bobcat’s lunch!
    Are you getting more chickens?
    Happy Retirement to your mamma!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I hear they keep snakes away too and thats a win for me! I just cannot with the litter box. Have a great weekend girl!


  4. I love that you threw your mom a surprise party! I have hosted a lot of surprise party, and pity party alert, I wish just once that someone would do that for me. Ari is obsessed with the little McDonald’s happy meal toy she got when she went to the beach with my parents last week, and Ibotta has been so much better since it’s update. I’m almost to $90 since I started last August! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

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