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What Did You Call My Coffee?


Jamaican and Kona….ahhh.


Iced coffee with a speck of skim…yes!

Sorry I was making a list of the loves of my life that do not involve vodka – ha!

I’m wondering if you have fell into the sensation of what is known as Bulletproof Coffee?

When I first heard about this I was like, “Oh that probably has some insane caffeine load.”

Then I actually read about it and about lost my lunch.

For those of you who are virgins to the newest trend in coffee let me fill you in.

Bulletproof Coffee

How To Make Butter Coffee (And Why You Should Try It!):

OK so when I see that it has BUTTER in it I was like – That damned Paula Deen is back!  Yes, butter in coffee.  What?  No!  This still makes my stomach turn upside down.

There are two things I dislike in this world:

  1.  The idea of butter in my coffee
  2. Dr. Oz

We went over number one.  Now let’s see how number two fits in.

Dr. Oprah Loving Oz had a segment that I caught in a news feed regarding this new take on coffee.  For the first time I got why people like the man.  He really talked about a subject I was interested in with some intellect and not all hippie dippie use this supplement salesman pitch.

First off he explained that you have to use certain types of butter – as in REAL butter not margarine (ok, fine.)

Then he said it would be smart to add in MCT or Coconut Oil.  (Whatever.)

Then he added this gem:  This isn’t the coffee you chug in the morning to wake up.  This is the coffee you make in a thermos and sip on all day.  Because essentially this is straight fat and you will not be eating until dinner.

Did you read between the lines?

This is a meal replacement.  You have caffeine and fat!  What more could a girl ask for?

High cholesterol….

As in I have elevated cholesterol (thanks genetics) and when I see butter and oil I want to run for the hills *unless it is EVOO!  Having said that, I’m not sure I’m ready to try this super coffee meal.  I’m still trying to accept butter in my coffee.

So friends – I’m asking you.  Have you tried this bulletproof coffee?  Or are you like me going – HAVE MERCY NO!

I believe I may have to get some guts up and try this via the ole SnapChat.  It could be as fun as watching me drink vinegar.



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16 thoughts on “What Did You Call My Coffee?”

  1. I have heard of this and I just cant. My friend says it is so good but she does not use it as a meal replacement. I just can’t imagine this. However, if you try it, I would love to know your reaction and watch it via snap. Happy Monday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen! Ha talked to a guy over the weekend who just got back from Hippy Dippy Austin and he had to get a haircut while there. He’s used to NC prices $15-$20 for a man’s head in our area….he thought hte girl said $17 but she said $70. He was slightly pissed!!! HA!


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