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Summer Staples

Summer is my favorite time of the year.  One day I will live in a place where summer is the only season!  #goals  This week is really the kick off for my most adored season since it’s the last week of school for the oldest kiddo.

When I think of summer I immediately know exactly what I need to have a fabulous one:

A fun bathing suit

👙, luggage, identification, bye bye USA! Hola 🇲🇽! #mexicoorbust

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Bought this two piece at Target in April and this one piece at Target in May.

Al fresco

Lunch by the pool ❤️ •#memorialdayweekend •#cammyb @subway

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Everything outside is our family motto for the summer.  That includes every meal.  Life is better on the outside!


For fourteen years I have always had a pool in the summer.  Now that all ends with the fact that my mom has lost her mind sold her place.  Also, since I’m not in an apartment I have no pool outside my own door.  Fingers crossed we get our pool next season. If we don’t move far away.

Great view with great friends #excitingmoment

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Speaking of water…when you are 224 miles from the ocean and have an insatiable need for water life then you go to the lake.  We have one lake we love – LKN – and another lake in the other direction we can sneak off to every now and then – WKS.  Date nights are best by the water too!

I love my best friend! #myunbiologicalsister #shegetsme #wouldnttrade

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Time with friends, including my BESTIE, is always a must.

And finally….a vacation

Ahhh bacteria infested water! #summer2k16 #weekendgetaway #northmyrtlebeach

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Take me to the beach.  Just do it.

One more….

Pirate Punch in the summer – but for lower cals I drink vodka soda.  It makes me feel so argggghhhhhh!

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25 thoughts on “Summer Staples”

  1. Love your summer must. I wish we lived closer to an ocean but our local lake will have to do for us. Even though I will be drinking more vodka sodas this summer I am curious what is in your pirate punch (we love Bacardi in our house).

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  2. I hope your very own personal pool becomes a reality next year! You will love it! And then Mr. CCK will have to build you a cook shack so you can eat al fresco every day in the summer! It’s wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rum (Malibu) is a summer staple around here! A good drink will get you through summer. I hope you get a pool. That is something we have been talking about a lot lately as well. Summer is the best season and you have a great list!

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  4. We have a pool and are close to the beach. You can come stay with us as long as you bring the pirate punch.


  5. We have very similar lists. I have been spending as much coffee, wine and dinner time al fresco as i can. I will tackle the suit (which, damn girl, you look good in!) water and beach along with my version of pirate juice in 18 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Summer!

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