What I Read! (May)

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I read two books and I’m going to highlight them here today.  They are two totally different styles and both were pretty great.  (Emphasis on pretty.)

The Young Wives Club


Alrighty, let’s get started with this little read based in Louisiana.  The first two pages of this book had me a little bit confused.  This is modern day but…a girl drops out of high school to follow her “love” to LSU where he has a football scholarship.  What? I mean really?  I read that and was like – Please, God, tell me this doesn’t really happen anymore.

This book is based around four young women (ages 18-22): Claire, Laura, Madison, and Gabrielle.  Two are young wives and the other two find themselves entering marriages.  The book has some twists and turns and focuses on a little characteristic maybe we all have deep inside (the good girl, the girl who protects, the girl who dreams while eating ramen, and the bad girl.)

I didn’t like the book for a couple of chapters.  I even put it down for a week.  However, I ended up coming back to it and thinking – yeah it’s a pretty good book.

Final verdict:  I cannot say I will promote the book but if you’re in a pickle and just need an easy, breezy book for a weekend then check it out!

The Dinner


This was a great book and also a quick book.  It was made into a movie and was in theaters a few weeks back (Richard Gere is in it, if that matters to anyone.) From what I have read the book is better than the movie.

Based in Holland, you have two brothers who have something in common – their sons have committed a terrible crime. This book focuses on issues of mental illness and morality.  I don’t want to say much but this book had me angry and also giggling at times.  If I write too much I’ll tell you everything that happened!

Final verdict:  Read it.  

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16 thoughts on “What I Read! (May)”

  1. Richard Gere if that matters to anyone, lololol! Well I am on the search for a book ideally a quick one. I haven’t read for fun in…. oh my word, I don’t even know.


  2. I felt the EXACT same way about Young Wives Club. However, I just never ended up really liking it or being able to relate to it at all.


  3. I’ve heard The Hopefuls is a decent read. I just finished November 9 this week and could hardly put it down!


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