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The Fitbit Debacle


Do you wear the next best thing to an at home arrest bracelet?  The overpriced computer chip that counts every step you take?  Or maybe you have the one that not only counts your steps but checks your heart rate and sends reminders to move – oh and gives you the time as well?

Guilty.  For two years I have been a (for the most part) slave to the bit o’ fit.  I have the basic Flex model and have been eyeing a more advanced contraption to keep me on my toes.

Maybe you aren’t a Fitbitter – maybe you’re a Garmin girl?

Whatever the device have you heard the news?

The Sun (our British cousin’s daily go to) has reported that a large portion of our fitness trackers are way off the mark.  Fitbit Surge was included as was Apple Watch.  When I heard this report on my local morning news I was taken aback…

You mean technology has errors?

It turns out for those users who are utilizing these devices to lose weight are getting duped.  No, this doesn’t effect steps it takes into account calories burned.  This could come as a shock to you but here’s the deal: We aren’t textbooks who burn the same amount of calories for walking 10,000 steps a day.

That’s right!  A person who walks 10,000 steps a day in regular work and life is not going to have the same calorie burn as a woman who runs 5,000 and walks the other 5,000 in regular every day life.

My question is:  Why are we so shocked?

There really isn’t an app for taking responsibility and accountability on your physical activity.  A gingerly pace of every day lolly gag walking around will not help you burn a calorie so you can eat more junk.

If you want to lose weight or increase your heart health maybe you need to push yourself.  Maybe it is time you stopped the 2.5 mile an hour walk, put some good 90’s rap in your ears and started pushing yourself towards a jog.

Also, ten thousand steps is not a jackpot win for ho-ho’s, ding-dong’s, or six Krispy Kreme.  Eat smart.  Ease off the fast food.  Take in more water, fruit, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and whole grains.

Lately, I have done a little research myself on my Fitbit – aside from calories – but the actual steps it counts.  I have been wearing a tradition pedometer along with my Fitbit and have found that they register steps differently and often are off by up to 200 steps when I compare the two at the end of the day.  Also, if you have a riding mower or like to ride ATV’s and wear a Fitbit you should be aware that the motion of the ATV/mower is counted by your Fitbit!  I had no clue until I hit my goal with my Fitbit after mowing a few acres.  Not cool, y’all!

Good health is not a mystery.  Unlike the algorithm on our funky little step counters.



17 thoughts on “The Fitbit Debacle”

  1. Isn’t it funny how people think steps alone will shed those calories, while every little movement is steps to health, I for one, need more and need to watch my sugar/carb intake or I am in trouble!! I literally heard a woman at work say her reward every day she gets 10,000 steps is a bowl of ice cream at night. Oh boy! Great post lovely and Happy Monday!! I do joke that I work out to eat my sweets but I know better, lol!!! xoxo

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  2. Robert got me the Samsung one, and we returned it after one use. It said I had taken 40 steps when I sat down to tie my shoes, and by the end of the day, I had “burned” 4,000 calories! I really like My Fitness Pal. Today is my back on the fitness wagon day, but I want to try the French lady diet this week and see how it goes.

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  3. I always thought that parts of them had to be off. I have a Garmin Forerunner and it has its major flaws. Like if I am mowing our half acre yard, or pushing a grocery cart… It doesn’t track. If my arm is still but my legs are moving I get jipped.

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  4. I used to use one but it was WAYY off. Tracking stuff like that just makes me neurotic anyway. I’ll stick with healthy eating (most of the time) and regular exercise.

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  5. I gave mine up last year and I do not miss it. It cheated and gave me steps while driving and didn’t record as many calories for my workouts since I do pure barre. I now just remind myself to take the stairs and get up to fill up my water.

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  6. Good points friend. I use to fall into the trap of trying to exercise my way into eating more but there is not way to outwork a shitty diet. I finally found learning to eat enough food every day and keep it fairly consistent regardless of my activity level was a much better choice.


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