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Summer Memories


A couple of weeks ago I was in the kitchen on a Saturday evening.  My daughter was at a sleep over and my son and husband were toying with something outside.  The day had been hot and it we had spent the latter afternoon with friends in their pool.  Summer was getting started early and that is something all of us were happy about.

On the counter in the kitchen was a watermelon that I had bought a few days earlier.  My son was eager for me to cut into it but I kept saying – over the weekend, just wait. The weekend was here and I so I pulled out the best knife I could find and started maneuvering it through the rind.

I think it is interesting how the simplest of tasks can bring back memories and also make you think about those memories in ways you never have before.

Summertime, when I was a kid, was decorated with watermelon eating on Sundays.  I never thought it odd before.  But now I realize that is an event from my childhood that isn’t just kind of funny but also very regional.

Summer meant fresh tomatoes, green bean stringing and breaking, cantaloupes with salt, and big, green watermelons in the outside fridge at my Mom-o’s house.  Of course at this flooding of memories she was referred to as Mom because my little brother had yet to enter the picture (he changed her name to Mom-o and it stuck.)

I remember seeing a watermelon sitting on the car port and immediately knowing on Sunday evening we would all be back at my grandparents’ house to cut it and eat it.  To be precise there would be anywhere from 8-10 of us to pull in the driveway and then be covered in watermelon juice and spitting seeds any given Sunday evening.

There weren’t burgers and hot dogs.  There wasn’t chicken and potato salad.  Most Sundays it was just watermelon, salt, and spitting seeds off the ledge that separated the yard from the over sized patio.

Current day – I doubt this is the norm.  We don’t have these watermelon Sundays anymore in my family.  Now if we get together it is because there is some type of meat on the grill and generally a holiday of sorts.  Why would we need to carry on cutting massive fruit and being covered in sweet, sticky juice?  Now we buy our small, personal melons.  We slice them and store them in our refrigerators.  It isn’t a social event.

Times change people and people change times.  I guess that’s how I best sum it up.  When I was a kid I didn’t think much about those watermelon Sundays but now I feel a little sentimentality when I cut into the best fruit of the summer and no one is around.





15 thoughts on “Summer Memories”

  1. What a good post! You just summed up summer. However, isn’t is funny that kids today will not grow up having to spit out watermelon seeds. All of our watermelons are seedless now. Just a random thought I had while I was cutting up a watermelon on Sunday! This post made me think of my grandparents house and their peach orchard and how we used to spend most of our summer days in either a peach or cherry tree, barefoot and happy as can be. Have a great day!

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  2. Let’s host a massive watermelon cutting fest with bloggers! I would love to cut into a nice juicy watermelon with you and have sticky fingers! Oh how I miss the days of old. Those things bring back so much of my childhood as well. And the days seemed so much slower and life seemed much more simple. Love this post! Love you!

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  3. PS we were kind of thinking along the same lines, I have a watermelon bag on my post today, Ha ha ha. And next Friday’s favorites is a watermelon edition! 😉 i’m so going to link back to this post!

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  4. What great memories. Summer was so much simpler when I was a kid I feel. Although I am not a watermelon fan, I’ll join you on some cantaloupe, green been snapping and summer tomatoes! I know, I don’t do shrimp or watermelon, how did I deserve to be a southerner?!


  5. Such sweet memories. Summer memories are my favorite. Last year I taught my girls how to spit watermelon seeds and it was awesome.


  6. Came over to read this post from Andreas blog and I remember eating fresh fruit salad on our back porch when I was little!!! We shared a duplex with my great grandmother and every couple nights we’d sit out on the porch, my great great mother and I sharing her glider and my mom and great aunt on the swing and we would eat that fruit and talk about anything and everything while watching the sun go down. Such fun and simple memories.

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  7. Times change people and people change times!! ; What a great line…it struck me and just I teared up! Maybe because it’s just so true! In my family when I was little it was Jello pudding pops at my Nana’s. Now a Days it’s the adults sitting around the fire pit as the kids run around playing Manhunt!

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