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Summer Bucket List :)


A little explanation….

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Breakfast outside every day – I like to be outside and there is nothing better than summer mornings before the kids are awake to get ouside sip my coffee and eat my banana.  It just sets my whole day up for goodness.

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Pool every day – We have to soak it up before the house sells (my mom’s).  So if it isn’t raining and I’m off work you can find us in the water!

Cat fishing at night – This was a favorite activity of mine back in the day and now my son is itching to experience it.  By the way cat fishing in this sense is taking your fishing rod, reel, and bait and sitting by the river waiting to get a bite from an actual fish.

Canoe/Kayak – Every year we head out on the river to kayak, it is a favorite for my husband and I.  This year we may slide the kids in some tubes and cruise up the river (yep up not down…visit the New River to understand.)

Winery visits – Though we may not get to with our preferred couple friends this year we are planning to hit some wineries up.  My husband isn’t a wine fan but he can drive me around, right?

Plan a beach trip – If you know me then you know for me to not have a beach trip planned this late in the game something must be totally wrong!  Well we’re having a few changes around here and they are messing with our scheduling of said vacation.  No worries, I plan to have it all pulled together so we can go in late August (hopefully!)

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Baseball Sundays – My daughter requested we make Sundays at the minor league ballpark a tradition.  We decided she was on to something.  It’s very inexpensive and fun not to mention they have no technology to melt their brains so we said it’s a go!

Day hiking trips in the mountains – To live so close to the mountains we rarely go.  This year we’re hoping to get a few hiking trips planned to take in all the NC mountains have to offer.  If you haven’t visited the mountain region of NC then you should make plans to do so.  From Boone to Asheville, Banner Elk to Cherokee, there is a lot of culture, natural genius, and beauty to embrace.

Monthly cookouts with friends – We love hosting our friends in our home.  When you have kids and it is summer then the most laid back way of having a good time is melding the families in the backyard!  The kids can run and play and the adults and sip and giggle.  All winning!

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Enjoy local beaches – Since I don’t have a beach trip planned yet I figure we can take advantage of the lake beaches and river beaches here in our area.  We have some great memories from doing that in the past so why not make some new ones?

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18 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List :)”

  1. LOVE this! Ahhh my sweet summer sista, I want to do all these with you! My hubs isn’t a wine fan either but taxi driver he is, lol! Soooo glad you linked up this summer wish goodness!!! xoxo

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  2. What a great list! I will be right over to have breakfast on that porch each morning! One of my favorite parts of summer is sitting outside and drinking my coffee and watering my plants in the morning time. I love this list, so many favorites all in one. We are summer souls!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome list! This is the first summer that I’m not working in several years, so breakfast out by the pool sounds awesome to me! I wish our minor league team was cheaper- it’s still $40+ to go to a game here. 😦 Glad y’all plan on going actual catfishing and not planning on scamming people on the interwebs! LOL! Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay for a summer free from working! I’ve made my schedule to work every other week for the summer and will probably continue it into next school year, yipppeeee! Whoa $40+ a game is crazy! I think to get in for us was $36 total so I cannot complain. Yeah can’t seem to get in on scamming though I hear it can be good money and even get you a cool MTV show….lol!


  4. Sounds like the perfect summer! I totally remember my dad going catfishing at the river at night when I was little. I’m so glad Carly Jo is finally old enough to actually enjoy a little fishing. What minor league team plays near you?


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