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Hearts, crap, and blog n jog….


If you are a snap chatter friend of mine ( Find me at the username: abullnojoke) then you know last week that I shared with you some terrible information.  I had to do this crap for my health insurance and found out my heart’s age is nine years older than my actual age.  AGHHHH!

Sure, lately I have been quite the slacker at working out.  Let’s not discuss that eating has been pretty much similar to a six year old.  (I made a killer cheesecake last week!)  This little heart check was a major wake up call to get my butt in gear.

Last summer I pretty much blogged via Snap Chat in my Blog & Jog snaps.  We talked about five topics each run and cheered one another on.  So I’m bringing it back!  I mean am I the only one who needs to get my physical activity back to speed?  Anyone else?  <crickets>

Now don’t freak out!  I’m not planning on blog posting another fitness and nutrition series.  I will however tell you you may see a little more on here as I gain momentum in being blog active again.

So here’s the plan and you can join in if you want to…

  1.  Plant based eating (again)

You can cut carbs all the live long day but I need to scoot back to some plant based nutrition.  My cholesterol is elevated and that means I needy my leafy greenies.  I also need to tell my sweet tooth to scoot on out too.  <Insert two year old tantrum here!>

2.  The non plant based stuff

I’m going to start cooking again.  I gave Hello Fresh! a break and have been playing around in the kitchen with some recipes.  I plant to share them with you over the summer.  Oh and they are summer recipes so hip hip hooray! (Go see Missy’s blog for great recipes too….she does some amazing stuff.  I try to give her props as much as possible!)

3.  Water addiction

Yeah I’m going to up my H2O again.  Anyone else fall off that wagon when it get so nice out?  I mean water goes great with everything but so does vodka.

4.  Movement

I get in a lot of movement every day.  I have a very active job and lifestyle.  However, I need more intense cardio activity.  I’m so glad I can get in the pool and swim (my favorite) but I also favor running in the heat (like a weirdo).  So I’ll be running, jogging, sprinting, and power walking to a goal of 15,000 steps a day.  This is where the blog & jog will come back!  I will only attempt to run my mouth while in motion one day a week for the blog & jog.  My friend Lori got a new Fitbit and she was telling me how it basically makes sure you get a minimum of 250 steps per hour by giving you alerts and warnings – how many of us can benefit from that?

5.  Rewarding

Just like a five year old I MUST be rewarded. My reward will be a shopping trip.  I shouldn’t need new clothing (this isn’t for weight loss, I’m fine there) but a girl loves new shoes and some Lilly!

So c’mon and join me!  Let’s make this a fun, fabulous, and fit summer! Emphasis on the fun part….because it’s me y’all.




PS – I’m hosting my FIRST link up on Thursday!  Pinterest 5 is now a link up and the search term is Memorial Day Weekend! Bare with me as I try to make this work!!!


22 thoughts on “Hearts, crap, and blog n jog….”

  1. WHOOP WHOOP! I needed this. April was pretty much a free-for-all! Hahahaha! I don’t know what happened but this month I have my sh*t together so that is good. Can’t wait to follow along with blog-and-jog!

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    1. Girl, the end of April was totally a free-for-all and I kind of allowed May to be too. This is so out of character for me and it makes me feel terrible! I’m trying to get my shit together too. Are you on Snap? Are we friends?!?!?!


  2. Thank you for the motivation and the shout out! I had a scare like that with cholesterol a few years ago which sparkled my plant based and hardly any red meat diet. I have been a bit off the wagon, so I am in! More platform classes for cardio, more green smoothies and no more slacking!

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    1. I totally forgot to link there but I will. If I could drag myself in the gym that would be a PLUS – however, when it is summer (errr spring?) I cannot do it. I go for runs instead. Unfortunately, having been out of running for a month has me feeling like a complete loser because my stamina left with my heart health I guess LOL! I need a good green smoothie recipe. Do you have one on your blog?


  3. I’m going to get back on the wagon with you girl and you know I would’ve shared a piece of that cheesecake or two. Heck you and I could’ve polished off the whole thing! But then we would’ve got out and walked 10 miles right? Let’s get fit this summer, let’s feel good as were diving into our favorite bodies of water. Loves ya!

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    1. Jump on sweetie. HA! I only ate a quarter of the cheesecake LOL every one else finished it up! We are Fitbitaholics. I got mine working again yesterday but I really need to (ahem, want to) upgrade! I love you dearly, sweetness! xoxoxoxox


  4. Hahahah, “water goes great with anything but so does vodka.” No truer words have ever been spoken:) I needed these healthy reminders…I’m good for a week or so then fall down a mountain, lol. This week I’m attempting to stay on the wagon!

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