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Friday Number 20


Happy Friday.  Today I have to share with you all that this weekend (tomorrow) marks the day I met my husband a decade and some change ago.

Sun & Fun Motorsports 155 Escort LN, Iowa City, Iowa 319-338-1077:

  1.  I was supposed to attend a wedding

My cousin was getting married on the day I skipped his wedding and went to Lowes Motor Speedway instead.  Ooops!  The rehearsal dinner the night before was a complete and total blast and I had contemplated just going on to the wedding but hey!  When you are a young twenty something you do what you do.

Cannan Smith "Love You Like That":

2.  I thought my soul mate was met earlier in the day at the race.

Truth be told I met a guy many hours before I met the dude that I would end up spending this trip around the sun with.  He was a Clemson Tiger and in banking.  I was going to skip the condo we were supposed to sit in and go sit in his section for the race.  Little did I know that a banker would not be in my plans but a mechanic. Say what?

That's right, Anna I'm not a redneck, I'm NASCAR American

3.  My friend and I had a deal.

My friend that went down to the race with me was my wing buddy and I her’s.  Not knowing exactly what we were getting into going to a NASCAR race we assumed a million mullets, beer guts, and people with strange gene pools.  We were not prepared for Polo shirts, Lexus driving families, and import beer.  So we had our plan – if we were to be cornered or stopped by a lovely group of rednecks we would save one another.  I held my end of the bargain.  When I came out of the restroom and saw her surrounded by questionable boys AKA a few looked past intoxicated, they were donning their race apparel, and one had Sharpied his favorite driver’s number on his bare skin in lieu of race apparel I did my job by grabbing her arm and saying, TIME TO GO!


4.  Words you didn’t want to hear.

But my attempt at being a superb wing girl was shot down when she assured me she knew all these guys because they were from where we were from and she had hung out with them in high school.  That was it – bye bye Clemson Banker.  So my plan of skipping the condo seats to sit with a dude weren’t totally interrupted but they were just with the wrong guy.  If you’re wondering?  The one with the Sharpie art on his skin.  I wasn’t very thrilled.  I wasn’t thrilled at all.  He was sitting rows away from the rest of those hooligans.  This was back in Nextel days so when he got the annoying beep beep from his then girlfriend he was quick to let me know the person on the other end of the line didn’t need to hear another female’s voice.  No problem dude!  I’m not interested in you at all.

MMM from Andy!! 12/19/16 awww...I love it babe and you!!:

5.  Wait?  They lived happily ever after?

So we ended up talking, laughing, and sticking it out….and still going.  No we don’t go to the race anymore but by dissing my cousin’s wedding I was starting the path to my own.  It is weird how life works and I cannot help to think that God gets a big kick out of His plans.  Here we are years later with a house, two kids, a dog, and no Sharpie body art.

Love ya babe.



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15 thoughts on “Friday Number 20”

  1. Too funny! Mine is a NHRA and Formula One fan- I went to support at the beginning of the relationship, and now, I’m over it! At least your hubby can relive his Sharpie body art days with swim team names/event tags! Happy weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness this is priceless! Someone has called me “redneck white trash” after reading our “love story”…haha…it is what it is right?


  3. This was so cute! I loved reading this. It’s so funny how relationships start. I asked my husband out on a date as a joke (we didn’t even know each other). He said actually said yes and we both showed up.


  4. I love that you ended up with the sharpie art! It is so true sometimes we don’t realize it but the choices we make or don’t lead us right to what we need. Glad you skipped that wedding. And good to know the track isn’t all red necks, I’ve never been!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a culture hodge podge! From the Country Club annoying families in matching Polo down to the the people you can tell are all related but getting frisky. And it isn’t all crackers either! There was a very wide array of ethnicities and I never expected that at a toilet bowl car show LOL!


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