Did you know?

Good morning – another blog break week for me is on tap.

Over the weekend I did a little reading and thought I would share some things with you that I had no clue about.  (Maybe I should push this rock out of the way sometimes?)

Did you know???

Image result for dirty dancing 2017Image result for olay smooth finish facial hair removal duoswimsuitsforall – Sexy plus size swimwear and swimsuit sizes 8 through 34.Image result for pioneer woman magazine


  1.  Dirty Dancing has been remade for ABC and will air at the end of May?  Some things should never be remade and this is one.  I doubt I watch.  Your thoughts?
  2. OK my 30 something sisters – have you noticed that you get a little more of that “fuzz” around your jaw line?  As in the fine, blonde, cottony hair that comes along the jaw and chin?  Did you know that Olay makes a Smooth Facial Hair Removal Duo?  Um yes!  It emulsifies the hair and has a conditioning balm to use afterwards.  If you have black hairs…I’m not sure if it will work but for those of you light complected girls like myself this stuff is worth a shot!
  3. I know a lot of my sweet friends and readers are having a difficult time finding a good swimsuit.  If we were all shaped the same maybe it would be easier?  Enter swimsuitsforall.com – this site has suits from size 4-34 and can fit your problem areas.  Give it a shot!  Most of the models are plus size but the bathing suits are not all plus size.
  4. Am I confused?  This pour over coffee thing has me going, what the hell?  As in you pour the coffee over what?  I thought that you already did the hot water over the coffee beans?  Can someone help me out here to understand this?
  5. The Pioneer Woman is starting her own magazine – it debuts in June at Walmart.  Does this excite you?  I really like her line at Walmart but as far as her cooking – not a fan.

Interesting stuff?  Maybe, maybe not!  I hope you have a great week ahead and enjoy the inching summery weather (if you’re down here in my neck of the woods!)  I also hope you mamas had a good Sunday!



20 thoughts on “Did you know?”

  1. I will probably watch “Dirty Dancing” just because I LOVE the original. However, do I think it will even hold a candle to the original? NO! But how can I not watch? I just heard about this yesterday and have to say my only emotion and reaction is “NO”. Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day yesterday!

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  2. I refuse to watch the Dirty Dancing remake. Why can’t we just leave well enough alone?! Its not like they are going to do a better job than the original. And I have to disagree with you on Pioneer Woman’s recipes. I’ve never made one I didn’t like. I think she’s great.

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  3. I love Pioneer Woman, but then again you eat much healthier than me! 🙂 Ari bought a stuffed basset hound the other day and named him Charlie after the PW’s dog. I need to unsubscribe from all of my magazines- I’m so behind on reading them! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

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  4. Did you know I love you! Nobody puts Baby in a corner or tries to remake that Swayze Magic…no way. You know I love to cook, never made a pioneer woman recipe..ever. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day cutie pie!!

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