Friday #19

I goofed on my Friday counting last week – I was a week ahead of myself.  SO happy Friday number nineteen of 2017!  HA!

Hoping you all have had a nice week I wanted to spend this Friday honoring all the mamas.  (If you aren’t a mother then please keep reading.)

Here she is with my kiddos last summer.

My mama is in a big ole transition in her life right now.  She’s ending her career as public school educator in about a month.  Yep, my mama will be retired and if that doesn’t make me feel old then I don’t know what would.  Why?  Because my mom is only seventeen years older than me.  Yep, you got that right.  She’s not even two decades older than me!  I guess I was destined to have a science degree because I like to pick around that I was a teenage science project.  If you have working comprehension then you know she didn’t allow getting knocked up (don’t you just love that terminology) at a young age stop her from going the distance.  Nope she powered on.  She worked lavish jobs (grocery store deli, factory, and Walmart) as she went on and got her G.E.D., two year college degree, four year college degree (then she got her teaching career started), then went on to get her Master’s Degree.  While I spent my first six years in elementary school she spent her’s going to college.  Even though she had projects, papers, and exams she always managed to make sure I had ample opportunities to be a regular kid – birthday parties, sleepovers, movies, play dates, you name it – I had it.

My mama and I have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Divorces suck for grown kids too (even if they had secretly been wanting them to happen for twenty years.)  She remarried a nice guy who is probably the best grandparent my kids have.

Not only is she entering retirement she’s also selling the house (and pool, anger enter here!) and moving into her late mom’s place (after a hefty remodel.)

I’m not like my mom in many ways.  She’s pretty docile.  I have a short temper and a sailor-esque tongue.  But every now and then I catch myself having some of her mannerisms and though we fight those things we do like our mother’s… I guess I’ll just let mine stick.

She’s pretty great.  I mean who else can retire at 52?


For my mom friends –

25 Mothers Day Quotes #Mother Day Quotes #Quotes:


I pray you do not get something totally useful yet horrible.  For this I mean things like an iron, dust buster, or deep fryer.

I hope the kids make you something nice and not something crappy that they will expect you to display until they are 25.

Sunday is a day of rest – rest where you wish lovely mama.  If that means Target then go.  If that means in a kayak then load up.  If that means in a closet where no one can find you – enjoy!

Lately, I have heard of people gifting their mother’s anti aging creams, oils, and treatments of various sorts.  I love this idea but I also wonder – is that a total slap in the face?  (How fitting.)

Don’t spend this day cleaning, doing laundry, or cooking.  You get one day a year, mom.  ONE DAY A YEAR!

I hope your breakfast in bed is loaded with carbs, sugar, and all those things that rest on your saddle bags.  We can work out later.

You need to hear the truest form of thank you possible.  I hope you do.  From your littles or your lover – I pray they take the time to tell you how thankful they are for you.  You gave up your body to create a new life, you gave up your regular bathing schedule to get stuff done, and you gave up your sanity time and time again to just keep swimming.  You deserve some respect.

To my soon to be mom friends –

Enjoy today.

To my friends who so badly want a baby –

Mother's Day | infertility |

You are not forgotten.  I know this time of May is hard on you.  You’re struggling and though you do a good job at hiding it – we know.  We know you are beating yourself up.  We know you are questioning your existence and purpose.  We know you have an emptiness.  If hugs and talks could fill it even a small bit we wouldn’t let go when we squeeze you tight and the conversations would never end.

There is nothing more we want for you than to get the call that two pink lines lit up or that you heard the heart beat.  We pray for you to have the day that you feel the first kick, get peed on during a diaper change, and show up to our home in torn sweats with messy hair and a bad odor on your shirt asking for a nap on our couch while we “babysit.”

We want you to feel the same pangs we did on the first day of school.  We also want you to see exactly what it is like to raise a tween – drink up sister will have a new meaning.

We pray for you, we do google searches to see if there is something the doctor hasn’t tried yet, and we have a number tucked away for an amazing fertility office that worked for another friend just a year ago.

You are not forgotten today.  We love you and we know you will be a mama.  Persevere through the plan.

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all.

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18 thoughts on “Friday #19”

  1. You are truly one of the best moms I know, What a precious post, your heart shines with compassion!!!! I love you and thank your mama for me for the BEST science project *wink wink) ever!!!! Happy retirement to tell her to put in a pool. xoxoxoxo


  2. Well…yet another thing we have in common. My parents divorced when I was 20…it was awful and I swore I would never do that to my kids. You seriously look just like your mom! When I first looked at this picture I thought it was you with shorter hair.


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