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WIW: That little yellow dress

I have a favorite dress.  If you see me out you may just see me in it regularly!  I bought it in early April at a local consignment shop.  Forgive me for the faux paux of loving consignment shops!  Gently used or new garments at unbelievable prices just melt my heart.


FullSizeRender (3)

This little number is an American Eagle cotton sundress and it has totally stole my heart.  For Easter I felt it totally appropriate!  Yellow is the color of spring (and summer) if you ask me!  I paired it with my silver sandals and my denim jacket – you can ever go wrong with a good ole jean jacket and mine is 14 years old!

That sweet pink necklace was a gift from my daughter for Mother’s Day in 2013.  Yellow dress, pink flowers, and my trusty jacket?  I call it perfection!



I used this little number to cover my bikini in Cozumel.  You can see the pockets in this picture – another reason I just adore this dress.  Pockets are a must for me – they can hold my phone, ID, and key!

Since it’s cotton it packed well in my carry on!  I just folded it flat and put it on the bottom and BOOM – it traveled well!

Ahhh I love summer’s pretty little pieces!

Linked up today with Andrea – my favorite! And also TBB!



16 thoughts on “WIW: That little yellow dress”

  1. Well who is my favorite in the yellow frock???? YOU Babe-a-Tolla!!!!!! LOVE that dress, love you in it, the ties, the jean jacket and there is that long straw again!!! Sweet summertime perfection!!! xoxoxoxo

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  2. I love that dress. What a fun find. Yellow looks beautiful on you. I couldn’t agree more about yellow being the color of spring and summer. I love it!

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  3. There ain’t nothing wrong with shopping consignment shops! I’ve been known to visit them before, but I haven’t lately just because I haven’t thought about it, NOR have I had time to shop for myself lately! Anyway, love the dress, love Cozumel and love YOU! xoxo


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