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Favorite Things (May)

It’s time!



Like most bloggers I love sharing what my favorites currently are!  This month I have a few items that I’m just totally in love with.  Let’s get materialistic, shall we?


  1.  My mama bought me this bag while I was on vacation!  I absolutely needed a new summer/pool/beach bag and she saw this and thought of me when she was at Belk.  (I can never remember if it is Belk’s or Belk…hmmm?)  I just love it to pieces even if it isn’t donning my favorite fruit! (You can get a pineapple one!)
  2. On the cruise I treated myself to these bangles.  Since my mama also loves the beach I got her a set too.  Aren’t they adorable?  I love the palm tree charm!  The coolest part is you can add charms to these bangles so that means I better go ahead and book my next adventure!
  3. Walmart is my jam.  I’m kind of over Target (gasp!) lately I have not one bit of luck in there (hint to the fairies to give me some next trip!) but every time I go to Walmart I get suckered into something sweet as pie that they have on their shelves or racks!  This stationary is the bomb dot com, y’all.  It is heavy duty, good quality stuff!  I actually purchased it in March but it has came in super handy.  I wrote out Easter cards with it and also have used to write my daughter’s teacher a little heartfelt note (speaking of the bomb dot com – she is!  Hey Ms. E!)  The last time I was in Walmart these were marked down to $3 a box.  I hope and pray that they have some new styles coming out soon because my infatuation with this stationary is REAL!
  4. Speaking of infatuation – I needed a new nail color for my trip.  I couldn’t seem to find anything that was saying – ME, PICK ME!  I stepped away from the ORLY and saw this cheap stuff (I think it was just over $2) and thought “why not?”  Not only does it last the ten days it says it will on the bottle it lasted two days longer than that (bad at math?  That’s 12!) The color isn’t that orange either – it is actually neon coral and that makes me so happy.  Coral is my color.  I plan on trying another shade from this line soon.
  5. And finally my pineapple pick!  Y’all knew I would have to have a pineapple in this post, didn’t you?  If not I question your loyalty to our friendship HA!  I picked this precious little wristlet up right before we left on our trip.  It was at Old Navy and the thing is just a charm.  It holds my iPhone, ID, cash (that’s a joke, what cash?), and lip gloss.  I love this thing so much.  I cannot link to it because, sadly, they are sold out.  But look at this from Old Navy!  If my daughter was six years younger….she would have that.

There ya have it, girls!  My favorites for this month.  Do you have a favorite little something something in your life right now?  I cannot wait to hear about it in the comments below.

Have a FABULOUS day!


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17 thoughts on “Favorite Things (May)”

  1. You know your favorites are my favorites too! I spied that pineapple clutch in your vacation post and loved it! The elephant bag is Daring and I’m with you on Walmart. For a while I was finding nothing there but wait til you see the cute little pocket dresses I got for 9.97 each. Going to have one on the blog with a Jean jacket Friday. Love you sweets! Hope your week gets off to a wonderful start!

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  2. That polish is one of my favorites. I love the bangles, and those are so cute. I am with you on WalMart lately (but hello po-dunk town without a Target). Happy Monday!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cute stationary! Marshalls/Home Goods usually has great quality boxed sets, too- I always stock up before the holidays at school. That pineapple swim suit for babies is precious! We are having a hard time finding suits for Ari this year. Have a great Monday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes and I normally get my stationary at TJMaxx but this was just too convenient (TJ is twenty minutes away and WM is four lol!) Is nothing “suiting” Ms. Ari? How about that pun? I hope your Tuesday is fabulous as you!


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