Friday #20 *cinco de mayo*


Happy Friday, friends!  I hope that Friday number 18 & 19 were super good to you.  I’m always lost when I come back to blogging and do a traditional Friday post.  Do I give a three week super punch and load the page down with photos of all the crap I failed to share to those who do and do not care?  Or do I just pick a theme and stick with it for Friday?

I think the theme for today is perfection for my first week back. To my Texas friends – you can skip this post as this is assimilated in your culture already!

Happy cinco de mayo, friends!

Mexico is so beautiful, gorgeous, a total piece of God’s handy art skills.  From mountains to beaches the country is just filled with amazing landforms, plants, and animals.  Many of the people are beautiful too.  But we’ll get to that later.

Look at the land…..es muy benita!

San Miguel de Allende / Mexico:
San Miguel de Allende – Mexico
Okay, I want to go there just so I can see all this color at once! Guanajuato, Mexico | Incredible Pictures:
Guanajuato, Mexico – Colorful City
Cascada el Salto, San Luis Potosi, Mexico - Cascada El Salto is a...:
Cascada de Salto – Where you can swim and even dive if you dare.
What color is a lagoon? In the tiny fishing village of Las Coloradas, located on the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, it’s pink. This section of the peninsula’s largest wetlands reserve—the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve—is renowned for its striking rosé hues and its large, white salt banks that rise out of the earth like …:
The pink lagoon of Mexico (where flamingos live) Las Coloradas on the Yucatan Peninsula

Mexican style has made it’s way back up to America (again, hello Old Navy dresses with the embroidered florals.)  Have you been to Target lately and taken a gander at the home trends?  OLE!  Is it any wonder we just fall in love with the happy go lucky themes from Mexico?

Pillows & Color mmmm:
I’m in love with the bold stitching on these pillows. And don’t we all need a hammock? Yes!
Mexican style  ....  by Lacomadres:
The bold florals are classic Mexico and classic for your kitchen too.
Del Rio - 40s style mexican dress. Pretty much sums it up for me. With some blue flats.:
And you cannot fight that Mexican dresses are pretty awesome.

The Food & Drink…is this really necessary?  I mean we all seem to be Mexican food junkies, right?

As much as we enjoy Chipotle, nothing beats the authentic Mexican food awesomeness of the taco truck. Celebrate your next Taco Tuesday in style with this funny, hipster, Helvetica shirt. Perfect for t
Love it.

The people….

Disneyland For Old People in Sun City West, AZ:

So the country is gorgeous and there is so much to offer a traveler.  We know this!  But then there is the crap side of the peso.  The Mexican people are poor – not all of them but a large percentage of the population are in dire need of a better life.  The drug cartels are growing and getting greedier and more evil daily.  I just watched a special this week on a small town being terrorized by a smaller cartel who was kidnapping and dismembering people on random in a tiny town.  Children can no longer go to school because they aren’t sure when the cartel’s bullies will strike again.  Even when I was in Cozumel we had to keep a vigilant eye out for those up to no good.  As sad as it is to admit it even in the beautiful touristy spots the kidnappers roam.  They want money and ransom is an easy way to get it.  Even if you aren’t a rich American – poor Americans are often richer than the average Mexican citizen.  Not every Mexican child gets a good education, not every Mexican female gets to advance herself in a career before being pinned down as a housewife and mother.  And not every Mexican man is a chauevenist.

The People of Mexico:
Hanging out at her mama’s store!

I AM happy we have that beautiful country to our South and I pray for the people who inhabit it to one day have a strong, not so damned corrupt government, who decides to HELP its people instead of teaming up with the bad guys.

Is it any wonder I’m infatuated with our Southern (no not you South Carolina) neighbors?  The food, the land, the style, the colors, the people!  VIVA MEXICO!

This week I posted twice:

Hola! Como estas?

I Tried a Wine…

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18 thoughts on “Friday #20 *cinco de mayo*”

  1. Ahhh those bright, beautiful photos, just like you! My husband and I have walked to the taco truck, not romantic but authentic, lol. Our county has a huge population of Mexicans because of the jobs with the RV industry so this mama can get authentic when I’m craving it!! Fun post, Happy Cinco and Luvs ya! xo

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  2. Love everything about this post!!! I feel like I need to pack a bag a head to Mexico for vacation! On a more serious note, I work with a lot of families that have come to the US for a better life because of the bad things that happen in Mexico that we don’t see when we are in vacation (but I still love my vacation to Cabo every year). I hope you have a wonderful Friday.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have used some of those same pictures on my classroom notebooks! When we retire in 29 years, I’m moving into a hacienda with lots of Mexican style. Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sign me up for that taco truck walk. Oh man, I really need to make some GOOD tacos. Maybe some pork ones. It’s 10:30 and I am craving tacos. No bueno man. That dress is AMAZING too!


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