I Tried a Wine…

And today you hear about it! (The wine that is.)

While on vacation we had dinner at Seminole Hard Rock Casino Tampa.  I decided that with dinner would be my farewell drink of wine for a while (no wine would be consumed aboard the ship.) The little ad flip on our table showed Z. Alexander Brown Wines.  I was like, “Hmm…who is this?”

OK don’t throw stones at me but I’m not a Zach/Zack/Zak Brown fan.  I thought Chicken Fried was over fried and his songs after that one just did not appeal to me.  Even when he tried to be a Jr. Kenny Chesney and rip off the Buffet ideology – I didn’t like him.

However!!! Not liking a guy’s music doesn’t mean you cannot try his wine.

The waitress said that Hard Rock was the only restaurant (blah, blah, blah) that carried the wine.  I highly doubted this and figured I could pull into any Georgia restaurant and find it (with the exception of Chicfila.)  So I ordered the Z.  Alexander Brown Pinot Noir.

Image result for z alexander brown pinot noir

I cannot say it was good.  It wasn’t.

I cannot say it was bad.  It wasn’t.

I can tell you it had no flavor.  As in I took a sip and thought – wow this is tepid purple water.  I took another sip and was like – yep still water!  Maybe they were patiently awaiting the number one water to wine maker to show up to the winery?  I’m not sure and I’m betting they are still awaiting that because this wine was not very um – winey.

This wine is not sold in every market so if you are in NC like me – we don’t have it.  That is a probably good thing.  I would like to try the Cabernet – because like I said I cannot say the Pinot Noir was good or bad because it lacked any wine flavor at all.  Also, I think it is interesting the Pinot Noir is not available on the website.  Maybe ole Z. Alexander Brown caught on that that stuff wasn’t very good?  Maybe that is why he made that special to Hard Rock?  Maybe I’m on to something? HA!

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8 thoughts on “I Tried a Wine…”

  1. Is it old of me to say I have no idea who that guy even is?! I don’t drink any more, but I have yet to hear of any rave reviews for celebrity alcohols- Ramona Singer? Giuliana Rancic? I don’t think I even know anybody that has tried Skinny Girl. Have you?

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  2. I have tried Skinny Girl….YUCK! So we saw Zac Brown in concert, just ok, and no excitement for me, kinda like the wine, lol.


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