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Friday #14 (A PACKED Post)

This will be my last post for a while so I’m packing a lot in here.  Get a cup of coffee if you plan to stick with me throughout this jam packed post of whatever!

First off –


Before I peace out on you for an undetermined amount of time I wanted to share some favorite things.

  1.  Let’s talk coffee

This may be blaspheme for some but I had to give up Dunkin Donuts.  It just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.  DD has long been a favorite and only five miles away but this girl just couldn’t taste it anymore!!!  I know that’s weird, right?  Wrong?  Thoughts?  So I switched to the following:

Image result for kauai coffee

Oh my gahhh this is fabulous coffee!  The flavor is great and add a splash of almond milk and you are super good to go. I fell in love with Kauai Coffee last year at the beach and decided to go back to it last month when my Harris Teeter had it BOGO.  Well they had it BOGO because they apparently decided to stop carrying it.  #myluck

Now I cannot find it anywhere.  But I have been alerted I can purchase it online.  #amazonprimesavesmeagain

Image result for krispy kreme coffee smooth

I live in the birth place of Krispy Kreme.  It would be a travesty for me to not like their coffee.  For years I hated their coffee and then I picked up a bag of smooth and well I am sold.  Luckily, my area will forever have this on the shelves.  Now if I could get my favorite donuts (chocolate covered cream filled) to not have any calories…#struggle

2.  Bathing Suits

If you caught my post yesterday then you are well aware of my new bikinis.  I just want to give a HUGE shout out to Walmart on their great Catalina suits.  Here’s the deal ladies – you can shell out gobs of cash (or credit, you do you) on bathing suits.  For years I bought Old Navy suits and just dealt with it.  I go through suits like Time goes through magazines.  I’m rough on them and I know it!  This year Walmart wins for material for their suits with the Catalina brand.  Now, look, I haven’t worn it in the chlorine yet but the feel and texture is amazing and way better than my beloved Old Navy suits.  Plus, Catalina offers appropriate suits for ALL sizes.  If you’re a plus sized gal then you should check out their amazing (and kind to your body) styles.  If you’re a junior sized diva then they have some really adorable and spunky suits for you too.  If you’re a mom who sweats for fun then we can rock their looks too!  Here are some I recommend you check out….

Catalina Missy Newbury Tile One Piece

3.  Heather’s Crafty Side

I’m so honored to have some Oh My Glitter to drink my wine out of!  We’re moving into the gifting season (Mother’s Day, Weddings, Graduations, Retirements, etc) and Heather’s work is perfect-o!  Y’all gotta get some goodies from my Georgia Peach!

4.  Hair

My daughter has extremely coarse and dry hair.  She gets it from her dad  Add in that she is in teh pool two days a week and you get a dreaded up mess!  The child has had a rough hair year and last month my dear hairdresser, Lizzie, offered up a gem of advice.

Miracle 7 Heavenly Healer is AMAZING!  This is at Sally Beauty Supply (for sure) and it does the trick for super dry hair.  My hair gets washed once a week (its dry too but not near the caliber of my child’s) and I switched to this product system – WOW!  I’m not sure exactly what the fabulous recipe is for this stuff but it really works.  The system costs about $45 and when I say a little dab will do ya, I mean it!

5.  Food

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#this @wendys Best salad ever!!!!! #mozarellachicken

A post shared by Amanda (@mrsamandabullard) on

What is that you may ask?  That is perfection!  That is Wendy’s!  They never fail me on their salads.  This one is the newest to the menu it ia mozzarella salad with grilled chicken, pesto, and tomatoes.  They serve it with lite balsamic if you want it.  I have ate it three times this week alone. (I get the half size!)



Now that that is out of the way let’s do a typical Friday post.

What a week we have had.

*The littlest spent three days sick.  Diagnosis:  Possible Flu.  Money spent:  $300 because insurance and Tamiflu are not congenial towards one another.  Actual issue:  Respiratory Virus.  He also missed out on an Easter party at school.  BUT…mama to the rescue!  Monday he stayed in jammies all day and we hid/hunted Easter eggs, colored Easter sheets, made Easter cupcakes, yes we had a high ole time.

*This is the last week of school for both kiddos.  They begin Spring Break today!  My husband is off work so dad will be entertaining the wee one in the morning and then in the afternoon both kiddos.  It is crazy to believe my oldest will be in fourth grade in a matter of weeks.

*My mom announced her retirement on Monday.  I’m so glad she’s putting it behind her.  She’s been a teacher for twenty-five years y’all.  Now she’ll be focusing her time on her move to her late mother’s house and being my neighbor.

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She is itching to do some yardwork today! #chippythepuggle

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*I have no news to share with you on our home updates.  We are at a standstill since my huband is sick.  However, I did manage to start cleaning out flower beds to create a new look in May!  If you know me you know I love to play in the dirt.  I cannot wait to have some weekends to grow something! (NOTE:  The husband and the work out buddy were also sick this this week.  The husband is on the mend.  The workout buddy is working on staying upright!  Double ear infection!)

*Girl time is a necessity!  Wednesday evening I popped into my friend Heather’s house for a glass of wine and gabbing.  We had set out to do this every Wednesday but life happens!  In three months we have had three Wednesdays LOL – #goals  I hope she enjoys ATL for the holiday!

*Is anyone else a TV junkie right now?  Southern Charm, Oklahoma, Real Housewives of every city, my gosh my DVR is hating me!

*I don’t post too much about it right now but I’m still working out a lot.  If you enjoyed the Healthy Girl Challenge then I’m so glad!  When it gets warm out I tend to be extremely more active than usual.  Take advantage of good weather to get outside to sweat fat off.

*Speaking of working – work has been SLAMMED!  I’m so glad some of you (Hey Al!) have been able to use some of my tips to help you out with cleaning your own homes.  I enjoy answering your questions so feel free to email them to me, Snap them at me, etc!

*Do you have big plans for the weekend?  We have tee ball, a birthday party, and Easter dinner with some of our favorite friends on the agenda.  Then we’ll be getting outta Dodge for a while.  I’m looking forward to margaritas, Coronas, salt and sand, and enjoying the beaches of another country!  I am also going to soak up all the time without technology!  Goodbye to social media for a while!  This mama needs to recharge her batteries old school style.  I plan to pull out my outdated, wear around the neck, camera and just be a goofy retro 80’s chick for a while.

*With that being said – the blog will be dormant for a few weeks!  Thanks for all your love and kindness and giggles.  Be safe and know you ROCK!

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19 thoughts on “Friday #14 (A PACKED Post)”

  1. I am going to miss you!!! You talked about so many good things that I don’t know where to start but I will try. I love the walmart swimsuits. I have been shocked by what you can buy at Walmart. I also need to get that miracle 7 for my girls. they live in our pool all summer and that would be great for them. Random question do you guys do year around school or just get out for summer really early? I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And I will miss you, friend! Walmart is really upping their game and I love it! Yes, try the Miracle 7. C has terribly dry, coarse, and sometimes kinked up hair. This stuff has been a lifesaver and I have loved it with my hair as well (and I don’t have that type of hair!) No, my daughter is in NC Public school right now and it is her spring break NOT the end of the school year. She has until June 9th and then it will be summer break!


  2. You know I’m gonna miss you but can I count on some beach pics from my babe? Man, you did chalk this full of goodness. Ah Wendy’s salads are my favorite too, so good and I feel a lot healthier than others. That hair stuff should be called Miracle 9, but regardless I am gonna try it!! I love ya sweet peep and will be thinking of these next couple weeks. Wishing you and your beautiful fam a very Happy Easter!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh I will miss you but you know I’ll text you as much as I can. I am not adding the international to my phone so I am taking a REAL vacation! It should be called Miracle NINE! HA! I love ya bunches sweetie! Happy Easter!


  3. I am going to miss you!!!! I will be thinking of you throughout the next couple of weeks. Walmart shocks me sometimes. I kind of dig them a lot lately. You have a great list here to kick off your leave 🙂 I hope you have a great time! Happy Easter!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Enjoy your blog break and spring break amdd congratulations to your mama. I start my sugar purge on Monday, wish me lots of luck girl. I am going to need it!


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