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Random Thoughts April

The title today is misleading (a little) because my thought process right now isn’t too random.  I think you will see a common theme in the things I’m listing out that have gone through my brain in the past couple of weeks.

Come along dearies – let’s take a walk in Amanda’s mind….

The bathing suit struggle

As most of you may know I live in water from May-September.  We are in the pool most days, in the river some, and also find our way to the lake and the ocean.  That much water can do major damage to a bathing suit (or 5).  Chlorine kills my suits and the silt from the river will ruin one in a heart beat.  So every year, in April, I begin my hunt for suits.  Generally, the kill is made in Old Navy where I buy two to three suits.

This year my thoughts on what ON offered was more like:

First things first.:

I didn’t like the prints or styles.  Ruffles?  No, not on my bathing suit. I want a good suit not a to-be-confused-with-childrens-section-suit.

Then I was in Walmart and I saw this…


Collections By Catalina Missy Push Up Bandeau Top

And I found the matching bottoms and was SOLD!  I mean this is fun, y’all and the quality is pretty freaking great too.  Way to go Wally World!

A few days later (OK ONE day later) I found myself in Target.  And I’m cruising through the bathing suits when an associate says, “Go check out our clearance bikinis.  We have some good ones back there!”  SURE!  She wasn’t lying. And then I start thinking, “Wait, it’s April 7th and they already have clearance suits?  Is this heaven?”

So I found a set (it was on Snap) – and it was $20 versus the regular $60.  PLUS it is the bra size collection so I could pull a 34 C and it actually fit correctly!  (And there you have my bra size, weird.)  Since I’m failing you on a picture I’ll have one up tomorrow.

Now that that is over let’s talk about the music that is stuck in my brain.


Uh huh.



I have been thinking a lot about a favorite store lately.  Here in NC you have ABC stores to get your adult spirits.  ABC (Alcohol Beverage Center or something, we all it Aunt Betty’s Cafe around the kids.)

and it's pink!:

Wine does me right most days but when the weather heats up I want the islands in my glass.

Y’all I need my nails did but I’m afraid I am just not going to have time to go to the salon for it.  So I’m thinking about splurging on a good bottle of neon coral!

Neon coral for summer that makes you look tanner. Love this color! I'm obsessed with coral!:

When I requested a map the other day Siri felt I needed to see this one…

Cozumel - So much to do!! Join us aboard Navigator of the Seas for the #SEACOMMERCE CRUISE - Feb. 15, 2015:

She’s a keeper I tell ya.  Well actually, he, since my Siri is an Australian dude!

And that’s a sneak into my brain right now.  I’m ready to don my new swimmies, I’m listening to all things vacation, I’m ready for rum (and tequila), and I have finally picked a nail color for….vacation.

I guess it isn’t random huh?




12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts April”

  1. I love Sinful’s neon nail colors, and they’re super cheap. I am in desperate need of a pedicure, but I’m withholding the reward until I get word on something big for next year- then I can celebrate and relax!

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  2. We have no ABC’s or Aunt Betty Cafe’s (LOL!) you can just go right into WalMart (or any other store) and buy it whenever you want 24-7. And last summer we went to Cozumel and it was so much fun. We went to Passion Island and it was the prettiest place I have ever been to. Postcard perfection! But it was also so much fun to walk around town as well. I am SOOOO excited for your trip! That neon coral is perfection, I think I need it in my life!

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      1. It is so weird to think about the laws of other states because it is so open here. Hippy Dippy Washington. I mean we have pot shops all over too. How weird is that?!?! As a mom of soon to be teens I don’t know how I feel about it all.

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