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Pinterest 5: Easter

It’s about time for a Pinterest 5!  Considering the month, time of year, and the fact that it is four days away – EASTER is the theme!  If you’re new to these posts I put my own thoughts in the the links under each pin!  When and if I get back to blogging after my hiatus I will be making this a link up!   XO -Amanda

easy easter bunny cinnamon rolls made from store bought rolls. perfect for Easter morning breakfast or brunch:
Breakfast on Easter? Yes! Everyone loves cinnamon rolls and hello bunny! I think this is a simple win.
Carrot Cake Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting are the perfect Spring Cookies and a wonderful choice for Easter, Mother's Day or a Spring Brunch. This cookie tastes just like Carrot Cake which makes it a great Easter Dessert idea. And with the delicious cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans this is a Easter treat that is sure to please. Pin this delicious cookie recipe for later and follow us for more great Easter Food ideas.:
Carrot cake is my favorite. Just saying’ – and here it is in cookie form. Now, if I were one of those weird moms who made crap for teachers then I would do that with these. However, I am too damn busy. So can I send them a pin? And say, Happy Easter! LOL
You Are An Egg'cellent Teacher | Easter Gifts for Teachers:
But this? I can and I will make a few of these bad boys for Thursday!


Then this popped up….

Halter Vintage Floral Polka Dot Dress:
Kinda fell in love. I love vintage style dresses and yes, I would wear one or two of these in heart beat. Can you figure out which one I would don on Easter Sunday?


$28.99 Rabbit Print Long Sleeve Shift Shirt Dress - WHITE S:

Aghhhh! Is this not the cutest shirt dress ever? I want it!!!!!

Would you believe not ONE thing popped up regarding the real meaning of Easter when I typed in Easter in the search bar on Pinterest?  Not one pin at all.  I’m sorry but I cannot write this post and leave out the true meaning of Easter (sorry not sorry Walmart, Target, and any and all mass marketers!)  So I reentered my search for Easter + Christ and got this:

Mimi Lee Printables & More: He is Risen-:
He is risen and He has made a place for you, you, you, and me. In a world where there is chaos, evil, and sadness I cling to my belief. Love is the greatest gift and measurement of our lives. My job as a follower of Jesus is to present love – even in the most difficult times – give it freely, be compassionate, live with empathy to the greatest of my ability. Strive every day to exist as a little firefly whose light may not be as great as the sun but who still shows the flicker of the love of Christ. The love that sent him to die a grueling, inhumane death on two pieces of crossed wood.

18 thoughts on “Pinterest 5: Easter”

  1. I love your Easter finds my love! I can totally see you rocking one of those vintage dresses, a little rockabilly hot look! My boys have always loved those cinnamon rolls in the bunnies are so cute! Is that bunnies on that little dress? Cute cute cute! Wow, this post is really full of lots of Easter goodness by my sweet sweet friend! Happy Wednesday angel! One more week!

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  2. Such fun dresses! I am definitely making those Easter bunny cinnamon rolls Easter morning now! We go out to breakfast with my in laws but the kids need to snack on something before we go (long drive). These are perfect and easy. Thanks so much!

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  3. I love all of your Easter finds. I think those little cinnamon roll bunnies would be a huge hit at our house. I love those vintage dresses. that black and white on it SO stunning. I feel like my girls would be front and center in a couple of those and I might accidentally hurt someone with a wardrobe malfunction. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. That dress! And teachers love presents any day of the year- just sayin! I’m totally making those bunnies for my kids tomorrow morning before we head out of town for the holidays- so cute!

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  5. I think you would rock one of those vintage dresses so well, they have a boutique here that specializes in them and I am always tempted. I am what I sometimes refer to as a “lapsed catholic” I don’t do churchy stuff, but I give a 100% amen to your message. Spreading love and kindness is the best way to live, love and be loved. Hippitty Hoppitty Hump day!

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