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Hey guys! This week is my last week in the blog world for a while.  I have some fun posts planned all.week.long!

I get a lot of questions about home stuff.  It’s like people think I really like home projects and cleaning or something???  HA!  OK busted if you read/follow then you know I do and really I have always had that passion.

A few questions that have came in (I prefer the Snap ones, those have been the most fun) are the ones I am highlighting today.

My shower has a build up of funk.  How do I remove that?

Lysol Complete Clean Toilet Blow Cleaner, 24 Oz

Not saying you’re nasty but you are nasty.  Build up of “funk” is generally residue from soap, shampoo, body wash, bath oils, etc.  It builds up because you don’t get in there and clean it.  Don’t worry I still love you.  You really need to scrub down that shower weekly.  Pick a day, stretch out, and then get a nice gentle scrubber and some good cleaner.  I tend to like gel cleaners for this work and one of my favorite is Lysol Gel Toilet Bowl cleaner.  I’m not kidding you.  Squirt and scrub.  May I recommend you turn up your tunes and just make the most of out of the experience?  Do it.

After you shower each day spray down the tub with a foaming cleaner.  Then rinse.  It will help cut some grease from your products and body but will not eliminate it all.  Elbow grease does that.

My husband shaves his head and beard every night.  The hairs are everywhere.  What can I do to make sure I get them all up?

I hate this.  I have many clients who shave and trim their heads and beards on the regular.  Before you start wiping get the vacuum out and use your crevice attachment to suck up as much of the little monsters as you can.  Then use a cleaning wipe to get the remaining ones up.  Remember Q-Tips are great to get the ones that hang out at seams on your counters and between the faucet sets.

Mokde Mondge is extra large beard bib made from polyester for all begginers who are new to using beard bib. ~
Beard bibs are legit and can eliminate the hair issue on your vanity and in your sink.  

I just noticed my dishwasher is disgusting.  What the hell, Amanda?

Yep.  They get gross.  Think about it, you put in dishes with food product on them.  Even if you rinse (seriously, who still does that) you’re going to get gunk in the dishwasher.  It is baffling that a dishwasher – which utilizes high temperatures and cleaner would get so dirty.

Once a month I recommend you get a bowl of bleach water and wipe down the door, where the door meet the base, and the bottom of the inside of the machine.  Then use a dishwasher cleaner.  I like Glisten.  Run a cycle and you will have a healthier dishwasher.

The area around my kitchen sink faucet looks atrocious.  My toilet has a weird ring I cannot get rid of in it.  My shower is discolored at the drain.

This stuff gets hard water spots off your glass shower door ;-) no hard scrubbing just put some on mr clean eraser and rub on glass and rinse ;-). Perfect:
Scrub with this.  It is the one product I will say does a little work on hard water.

These are all issues from hard water.  If you subscribe to your local municipality’s water system you are getting in higher loads of chlorine and flourine.  These will eat a surface over time.  Try all the CLR’s, Kabooms, and what have you but it will not get rid of hard water stains.  Don’t worry, we know you are clean.  You cannot fight hard water.

I’m getting ready to paint my entire house!  Got any tips for me?

Yes.  My first bit of advice is pay someone else to do it.  My second is buy a case of wine.  I really hate painting.  Actually it is a love hate relationship.  I hate the thought but once I get started I go into a state of coma.  As in I hear things but I just don’t react.  I start focusing on the wall.  I get deep.  Then I get drunk.  No, just kidding.

Our Red Blend is easy drinking, but not sweet, with a lot of dark berries, and with a touch of chocolate and coffee.:

I’m guessing you are asking for paint tips.  I will go further out and guess you are talking paint colors?  Here’s my deal – I hate it when I go into a home and the color scheme is reminiscent of acid trip.  As in nothing matches making nothing flow.  Figure out what colors you are most drawn to for your home and see if there is a common denominator in all of them.  For me it is grey.  I am a grey girl, I like variations of grey based paints.  That does not mean my whole house is grey, light grey, dark grey, and greige.  No.  My livingroom is gravity which is a grey blue.  That color compliments my kitchen which is a grey green.  My den is an Ashlar Grey which is a brown.  They are all colors based off a grey base and they coordinate.  That makes walking through my home not quite so shocking to the eye and quite flowing.

Natural Elements | To create, save and share your own paint color palette, go to #PaintColors:
Here is a layout of colors that compliment and flow well for a home.

Maybe you are not a grey girl.  Maybe you’re love is purple.  (I’m going out on a limb to make a point.) Then you need to sit down with the purple world and find the shades you find the most peaceful, fun loving, and easing to the eye (not pleasing!)

I want to make my home a bit more classic.  What can I do to my living room and maybe my dining room too?

These are the elements of rooms with great bones  -  high ceilings  minimum 9 feet -    large elegant windows  -  French doors -     beautiful mouldings  -   beautiful floors:  Dividing idea for living room and dining room.  This would work in the one model we are looking to build, food for thought!:

I don’t know I haven’t seen it.  (I’m a smart ass.)  Fresh paint in a classic color is always a plus.  Please do not refer to Crayola’s Classic Box for your inspiration.  Lighter paint colors in the brown, white, and gray families are great.  Make sure the rooms have crown molding.  This is not an area to scrimp on.  Crown molding is a gold standard.  A heavy baseboard is always welcomed for classic style.  You could do some wainscotting as well.  This is beautiful and timeless.  Just do not, DO NOT, paint your wainscotting with fifteen different colors.  If you need new windows or you can afford to upgrade windows then do.  Flooring is another area to take note of.  If you have carpet tell it bye bye.  Hardwood flooring classic and will last you much longer than carpet.  Invest in classic furniture styles and try to stay away from anything trendy or overstuffed.  Slim lines, clean patterns, these are what you need.

White kitchen or black?

Come learn how to decorate in style with the color black!  Free black and white abstract printables included in this article!:
Provident Home Design

Oh darling if it were that cut and dry.  What are you going for in this kitchen of yours?  Country chic?  Modern?  French Country?  Dollywood?  Coastal?  Ikea?  We need more information before we say white or black!  Kitchens are more than a color scheme they are an entire idea.

OK Chicken Lady.  I know you like chickens and I want to use chickens to decorate with in my kitchen and dining room.  I don’t want it hokey pokey though.

Let’s just make sure we are not talking about using live chickens to decorate.  That can be smelly and messy.

Add a touch of country to your home with this Set of 2 Lined Rooster Baskets. You'll find plenty of uses for this set of baskets in different sizes. Each basket:
  LTD Commodities

Chickens and roosters are classic kitchen elements when people decide a theme for their room of all things poultry (eggs, boneless skinless parts anyone?)  I am not a person who jumps on a theme and goes balls to said wall with it. As in if it were me doing the poultry theme I would not have a poultry chef’s mat, poultry linens, poultry plates, poultry art work, poultry everything.  I take it chickens and roos match your color scheme so I would pick a few pieces to bring the cluck and cockadoodledoo to life.  Think about using egg baskets to store some of items you have out on your counter space.  A trivette in the shape of a rooster is always cute (just one, look for copper).  Store fresh eggs out in porcelain egg holders.  I suggest you pick either a chef’s mat with a rooster/hen pattern or do a linen set but don’t do both.  Hobby Lobby had some adorable tin rooster and hen cut outs that I purchased for my own home last year.  They will be a good addition to your kitchen space, I’m sure.  The key is going to be simplicity and not tacky.

This was a lot of fun!  I hope to do this again as I compile some more quetions I get via the blog, social media, and at work!



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