Friday #13


No it isn’t Friday the thirteenth but rather the thirteenth Friday of 2017.  Y’all we’re now at 39 weeks left in this year – what the what?

A little recap of the week today…

Sunday was nice.  We got up late and went to Cracker Barrel for more of a brunch than a lunch.  The chicks are at TSC now so the kids enjoyed seeing them while I stocked up on chicken feed.  Publix came to our area so we popped in there for samples.  My mom needed some help in her classroom so the kids and I went over to help her (stuffing eggs, cleaning, etc) while the husband worked on a door.  Later we got in a nice walk and then I began redesigning my flowerbeds.  Really it just consisted of uprooting some azaelas that have been a pain my ass and moving some other plants around.  I also marked my bulb locations so I can plant some annuals when the bulb flowers have faded away.

Sunday = Productive & Fun

Mondays are really kicking my butt lately.  This past one was no different.  I worked and then when I was finished the storm clouds came rolling in.  Thoughts and prayers to all those in the Deep South and Texas who fought the tornadoes.

Hilarious! Patricia Southern Charm!:

I didn’t feel like doing much when I got home so guess what?  I didn’t.  I did partake in the season premier of Southern Charm and another episode of Sweet Home Oklahoma.  Can I just share that I was grossed out at how SC opened? Ewww.  Can someone give that idiot Landon a pass to go away?  And she can take her disgusting non-dad of the century with her.  Was anyone else pissed off he said he makes his babies stay in the guest house because they will ruin his house?  I’m over Shep too.  He’s getting too old for his play boy lifestyle.  I could care less about Craig and Naomi.  Let’s face it I watch the show because Cameran makes me laugh.  (So much for a SC post later….)  As far as Sweet Home Oklahoma goes – I just laugh and laugh and laugh.  T Rav may be the worst dad of the year but Pumps knows the secret to keeping your home safe from spills – sippy cups in the teenage years!

Monday – Sleepy but good.

Or, hey, please put your dishes in the dishwasher, or, hey, please pick up your socks. And the list goes on:

Tuesday was b.u.s.y. I have doubled up my work load for probably the next thirty years.  My Fitbit bit the dust.  It was eighty degrees so even when I finished up work I wanted to do more work because I’m that kind of animal.  The hubs and daughter had their dental appointments.  I am to the point where I dread my daughter going for two reasons:

  1.  It takes an act of congress to get the kid to brush.
  2. We’re inching towards orthodontics and I smell that ship coming quickly.

So, no, I was not surprised the child has a cavity.

Tuesday is also tee ball night.  My little guy was so worn out from playing at Aunt Teens that I didn’t think he would make it to tee ball but guess what?  I was wrong.  He was very tired though.  Eeeek!

Lisa vanderpump quote:

Did you catch the RHOBH season finale?  Can Lisa Rinna be kicked off?  Better yet can we just recast all together?  I may be stoned for saying this but at this current point the only people I like on that show is Kyle.  And to be very honest I like Kyle’s husband so if she’s off the show then he’s off the show so yeah.

Bethenny Frankel Shows Off Striking New 'Do: 'This S**t Ain't No Wig':

Wednesday – So I watched the RHONYC premier for the season.  Can you tell I’m addicted?  Yeah obviously.  I like Bethany’s hair.  The new girl didn’t appear in this episode and I want to see what her jam is.  I’m not a fan of Ramona, Luann, or the other people.  Yeah, I cannot even remember their names.  Lovely.

Legendary - You Can't Spell Leg Day Without Legendary - Ruffles with L – Ruffles with Love - Leg Day - Legendary

It was leg day at the gym.  Since I could walk on Thursday I’m guessing I didn’t do enough weights.  You know I gauge it by how sore I am because mentally I’m channeling a sixteen year old meat head.

The projects are still going strong at the house.  My husband is working on creating a door for me.  This door will separate the living room from the den.  I was hoping to reinstall our French doors but alas it will not work.  So he is taking two of our old half glass doors, fusing them together, and creating a large multi faceted door.  We shall see, friends.  We shall see.

Do you love thunderstorms?  I do.  I do not, however, enjoy waking up at 2AM to crashing thunder and raging lightning and two kids who were awoken and afraid.  Whew.

On Thursday I finished the Sophie Kinsella book I was reading.  It was cute and I can totally see it starring Hugh Grant if it made it to film.

Walmart Neighborhood Market:

Can I quickly give a little shout out to Walmart?  I started grocery shopping at the mega store’s mini version – The Neighborhood Market.  I really like that place.  A few reasons why:

  1.  It is a grocery store.  There is no temptation to look at work out apparel.
  2. No toys.
  3. My trips are generally thirty minutes.
  4. The produce is good.
  5. I feel better buying meat from a grocery store than a big box store.
  6. They are small and easy to navigate.
  7. I can get all the ingredients I need without my ADD kicking in.
  8. My addiction can be fed here.

Thursday was arms night at the gym.  Ouch.

And now we are at Friday.  Ahhhh and I am twelve days away from vacation.  This weekend is full of projects, tee ball, and Easter fun.  I hope it is extra restful for us all!

Thank you for reading my little bloggy poo.  I appreciate you guys!

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20 thoughts on “Friday #13”

  1. So glad to know I’m not the only Bravo junkie out there! I bought some tanning wipes because of Cameran from SC and need to bust those out and give them a try- she’s got a heart of gold and her instagram is funny. I don’t hate Rinna- I think she says it like it is & always takes heat for it. I have that problem and have worked on it, but I think she’s right about Dorit and the dinner party! NY should be a fun season! Happy Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just do not care for people who lie (Rinna) and then say they didn’t say what they did say they did..ON TAPE (Rinna)! Not a fan!!! I also have issues with her look too LOL I mean damn girl it’s been almost thirty years and you haven’t updated, time to use some money and eat a burger!!! Happy Friday, girl!


  2. Bethany’s hair is so cute and that tank so needs to go with you to Mexico!! I love just a good ole’ grocery store, I don’t end up with a cartful od useless stuff, lol. MY sweets, you have he best Friday and may it lead to an awesome weekend for you all!! Wish I cold sit in the stands at a t-ball game with ya!! xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love that leg day shirt! I have never watched an episode of any of the housewives. Sometimes I think that’s a good decision and sometimes I regret it, but I feel like i have made it this far and should not break the seal. Have a fantastic weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right now it isn’t looking too fabulous. I’m getting ready to head out the door to the urgent care with my little man. I’m thinking strep. I’m also scared shitless since I contract strep so damn easy and Mexico is 11 days away. People help me here? HAHA good joke!!!


  4. Your leg day comments made me lol, like for reals. I did legs on Tuesday myself and I am just now recovered. Seriously, I neglect leg day FAR to often and now I am paying for it big time. But, at least I am changing that! I hope your weekend has been great.

    Liked by 1 person

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