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Sometimes You Just Can’t Pin


Pinterest addicts raise up!

I just stood up.

So you go to Pinterest to find sugar free recipes and you get stuff like:

Sugar Free Goop!

Keto Diet!

Low Carb Low Sugar!


A picture of a girl in a bra!

And you’re like what the what?

Chill out, let me help you here.  Not all pins are created equal.  Not all pins fit exactly what you are looking for.  Some pins are total B.S.

If you need some direction as to recipes that are smart then I have a few search terms for you:

Diabetics Who Enjoy Food: High Protein, low carb recipes/GARLIC PARMESAN CHICKEN/:
Spotted this one while doing some research for you. I’m like – damn, Gina! This looks great!

Diabetic Recipes – These are golden when it comes to sugar free and low carb meal ideas.  The diabetic diet is a great one to follow whether you have an insulin issue or not.  This is actually good eating.  I personally believe we should all pretend to be semi diabetic so we stay on a smart eating path.  Just stay away from that sugar free candy or you’ll be begging the sweet Lord to give you relief as you feel like you’re giving birth to a diarrhea baby in the bathroom stall at work.

Super easy breakfast THM S breakfast idea for a large family!:
THM – S Breakfast (These are good!)

THM S – You are not coding medical claims this is a real thing.  THM (Trim Healthy Mama) S low to no carb.  These can be tricky and can lead to weird ingredients that you do not have on hand.  I’m not trying to support you buying a $14 bag of their mixed up baking flours or sugar subs or protein powder.  I’m trying to give you fifteen days of eating off stuff you can get from the regular grocer and stuff that is whole food and not man made.  With all that being said some of these recipes can be made without buying weird stuff.  Check them out.

Weight Watchers SmartPoints=8: Low Carb Enchilada Lettuce Wraps – Recipe Diaries:
WW adaptation and its like ole!

Weight Watchers – I type that and Oprah jumps into my head.  Weight Watchers is not known for reduced carb/sugar but reduced calorie/fat.  However, they do have some recipes that have a lower carb/sugar/calorie/fat level and those should be noted.  I have enjoyed many WW recipes.

Know your goals:

Daily carb/sugar intake – For this detox no more than 30 grams a day.

If you stick with this we will up it after day 15.

I know you are rocking this.  I am so proud of you.  You’re going to be super fabulous in that bathing suit this year, girl!




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