Spring Projects!

I’m so lazy.  I just pull from my social media accounts to show you the pictures of what all we have been working on!  Sorry not sorry kind of deal.

The closet is 98% finished!

I need to put the pulls on the dressing table’s larger drawers.  I’m also looking for a rug.  There are a few more pictures to hang.  Then, my friends, she should be totally completed!

From there I moved to our “play room” and did a cleaning and reworking if you will of the furniture.  I have some goals for this room.

  1.  New pillows!  I love my patriotic (ahem, Go Patriots!) pillows but they just aren’t a part of the room anymore.  The color scheme of navy, teal, and brown is interrupted by the red.
  2. Updating the desk in this room  I have a great vintage table that I bought a year ago from my fabulous neighbor!  The table has been painted ten billion times (no more, no less) and I’m ready to change it up a bit.
  3. Another rug.  I’m a rug junkie.  Admitting!
  4. Shades for the small windows.

This is actually one of the smaller rooms our home has to offer but it is my most favorite!  I turn it over to the kiddos most of the time but I’m thinking it is time to reclaim it.  My husband labeled it the “den” – I don’t assimilate that name with rooms anymore – but I love it!  The den it will become.  ROWR!  (That’s me making a fox noise.  Get it?  Fox den?)

Other things I accomplished included a good cleaning on Friday night.  I must say I love my new Shark vacuum.  I have always been an Electrolux girl but I ended up getting a Shark Pro Navigator and that thing is just off the chain.  *There I go dating myself with my cool speak!*  I was able to do this thanks to my mom accepting my children’s pleas to spend the night with her on Friday!

I also whipped up a late night batch of low carb low sugar peanut butter cookies and I posted the recipe on Snap and IG.  You will see this recipe tomorrow (and my same picture, get over it.)

My husband has been overly busy with house tasks.  I get to do the fun stuff (decor, style, etc) while he does the stuff that requires things that I just don’t want to get involved with!  After a whole week of being under our house correcting some footer issues, wire issues, and just structural detriment it is all fixed!  He’s also still working on our doorways in the house.  He caulked the bathroom on Saturday night.  My very own Superman.  You know Superman has kryptonite and my spouse’s downfall is being a total perfectionist.  Where I can go off on a tangent of maniacal insanity with texture, color, and the vision in my head; he goes insane with a level, angles, and throwing caution to the idea of time.  Opposites do indeed attract.  Although I get upset when his tasks take a large amount of time and he is gets diverted easily I do have utmost respect for his desire to make things just right.

Goals I have for the week ahead….

None.  HA!  I’m not even kidding you!  This girl has a full week ahead so if I can get the family fed, clothed, and clean then I’m doing something right!

Family time this weekend….


I had a hissy fit on Saturday around 2:30.  I wanted out of the house but I wanted it to be a family outing.  We loaded up and went to the local park (not a fan of that place) and decided to walk the new trail.  It was fun to be out with the kiddos.  After the walk our daughter wanted to go get ice cream but no one else wanted any.  She informed me she had brought her own money and wanted to purchase her own ice cream.  I said OK.  We all walked in and then she opened her little purse and gave her brother $1.75 in quarters to play arcade games since she had set out to buy him a cone too and he kindly declined.  This was one of those moments that makes you think, “Ok, mama, you are doing something right here.”  She was proud of herself for buying her Moose Tracks cone and even more pleased to give her little brother a treat of quarters too.  We have had our weeks lately with this “tween” and I have questioned mothering over and over.  This act of kindness just made me feel a little peace!

So we had a lot of joy in this weekend with accomplishments in our work around the house and raising our kiddos.  I don’t think I could ask for more.

How was your weekend, friend?



13 thoughts on “Spring Projects!”

  1. I think our husbands might be related. I nodded my head all through your super man speech. Russ is the same exact way to a total perfectionist but by golly does he do the job right. It drives me crazy and I find it totally adorable all at the same time.

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  2. I am loving all of your projects. I also love that sweet story about your daughter and the ice cream cone/arcade money. How sweet is that?!?! Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy Monday girl! Getting ready to head to the airport but checking in first with my faves. Love your hard wording project streaks….amazing and are those cookies waiting on my doorstep? Yum!! Can sweet girlie be anymore precious with that story!!
    Have a great start to your week my sweet love, hope it goes super duper! xoxo

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