Tuck this in your heart and keep it in your mind.  I love this piece of Bible.

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After another experience of someone deciding to speak ill, remember this scripture.  When people are caught in predicaments the first thing we tend to do is throw a stone in another direction to try to divert the attention away from our own shame.

Command:  Work to stop doing that.  And start this week.

Learning from our mistakes – wholeheartedly learning – is a difficult experience.  However, if we really humble ourselves, look at our own lives, and work on ourselves with humility and honesty then what a revolution of greater good we could make!

This is a challenge for you this week.  Homework if you will.  Journal this:  Every day write down five people you saw and write the good in them that shines through.  Maybe its your coworker, boss, the Subway sandwich maker, the panhandler, the teller at the bank, your nail tech, etc.  At the end of the week let’s meet back up and share these.



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