New Month & New Goal

Bye, bye sugar.  I bid it adieu on Monday.  I do this once a year and stay pretty firm with it for about six months then switch back to having a little more in my diet (that is what my birthday does to me, it makes me want sugar.)

I like to be inclusive instead of exclusive so if you want to try this then c’mon.  Healthy Girl really took off and so this month (15 days) we are focusing on detoxing our system of the bad guys named sugar and carbs.

As you read this, now sideways.  As you think, why the hell would anyone want to do that?   Let me answer both of those:

  1.  Stop reading this sideways and cutting your eyes.  That is rude.
  2. Detoxing sugar = better immune system, better sleep, more energy, higher metabolism, clearer skin, prettier hair, better focus, and that’s just a small piece of the why we do this.

The detox we’re doing is April 1-15th.  After that you manage yourself as to whether you continue on.  I’m not your mama.

A few notes here:

*You aren’t going 100% sugar free unless you want to.  There are allowances for the sugar and carbs found in fresh fruit and vegetables.

*Our focus is the eliminating useless carbs and sugar from our daily consumption.  We want to be smart and push the sodas away, junk food to the curb, and keep the dealer named sweets away.

*This detox includes not eating bread, pasta, cereal, and white potatoes.

*I have been quite guilty of sliding some Sweet n Low in something to get my “sweet” fix.  I don’t judge.

I’m not sure if you are aware of this next morsel of goodness…

If you have a fat belly then this detox can help you jump start eliminating fat from the middle.  Carbohydrates and sugars tend to gather in our midsection causing a beer (carbs & sugar) gut, milk (carbs & sugar), pasta (carbs & sugar) gut.

If you need to slim down the middle region of your person (and you are not pregnant) then I want you to join me in keeping the sugar and carbs away.

Don’t be confused about what to eat!  I will work on a post to give you that information but know this isn’t a type of Atkins Diet Detox.  You aren’t going to be eating all the meat and cheese you want.  Oh heck no!  I’m not trying to give you heart disease.  I’m trying to keep you from developing it!

When you go grocery shopping stock up on your favorite fresh veggies.  Lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumbers, etc.

Stock up on berries, green apples, and bananas.

Get your nut butter.

If you like salads then find a non creamy balsamic vinegar dressing or olive oil dressing.

Cottage cheese, Greek Yogurt, string cheese – all are winners.

Heart healthy nuts, yes indeed.

Eggs or egg whites, lean meats (chicken, turkey, pork), and fish are all on the list of good food too.

Coffee, tea, water, and fruit to infuse your water!


6 thoughts on “New Month & New Goal”

  1. I’ve cut my carbs and sugar significantly and after 2 weeks I’m feeling so much better already. Now if i can just keep going and not cheat. That’s been my issue this past year…every time I make a little progress I decide just one cookie, one fry, etc won’t hurt.

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    1. Way to go! I will just admit to you right this minute I woke up to a very sick little boy and as I made my coffee in a haze I ate a brownie and said, “F*** it.” So yeah I cheated. Of course now I feel very guilty and am thinking I just opened the door for the virus or germs to procreate in me!


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