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Healthy Girl Challenge


Water, walking, running, lifting, eating better….a whole month or two and you guys that are doing the challenge are doing great, I just know it.

Saturday starts the sugar detox.  This is the next phase in Healthy Girl Challenge 2017.  Fifteen days of living sugar free to reset our crazy bodies.  Now is a good time to prep for this challenge.

You can start right now by eliminating a sugar a day.  Maybe its a bad breakfast or snack habit.  Willpower is what gets us through challenges.  The desire for a true change.  Being human when we go for change we want it immediately.  From personal experience I can tell you that doing a sugar detox gives you that immediate change.  When I say immediate I mean by day three of the detox you will notice you are feeling better!

Lump Sugar, Sugar, Cubes, White, Sweet, Candy

I think that doing this challenge in April is fabulous for one main reason:  immunity.

This won’t help you no gooders who are seeking a good judge for a bad decision (HA!) But it will help any of you who are living in germy state.  I can tell you that right now in my neck of the woods the flu and flu like viruses are running rampant!  Did you know bacteria and viruses have a kindred love for sugar?  They sure do.

Silhouette, Fitness, Bless You, Bike, Woman, Sporty

Start off spring healthy and do yourself a favor!  Kick the sugar habit for the first half of the month and you can and will see dramatic differences in your wellness.

Remember you are the one in control no one else can help you with this.  It’s all up to you!



4 thoughts on “Healthy Girl Challenge”

  1. So clearly missed the start for this but I have been thinking A LOT about a no sugar detox. Maybe I should just try a week at first. I might die. So I can still have fruit, right? Just nothing complex & refined?

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    1. Berries as far as fruits go. Green apples are ok but one small one a day. Everything else is kind of off limits for the detox. Complex carbs are your friend but you want to severely limit them for a one week trial. NOTHING refined.


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