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Happy Mail!

I joined in the Girl Mom Swap Box over at Our Pretty Little Girls this month.  It was my first swap box ever and I stressed over it and the perimeters.  What mom would I get?  Would I know them well enough to buy something that represents what I think of when I read their posts?  Oh my gosh and the kiddo?

Lucky for me I got a great couple of ladies to send a little box of happy to.  I started reading Heather’s blog about a year ago.  Heather is super talented and crafty and she probably deserves every medal for mom of the year!  Plus, she’s a Southern girl just like me!

We received her box to my C and I from she and her Ella. To say it was a box of happy is an understatement!  I was secretly hoping she would include one specific item in the box – it could have been all she sent – and I would be so incredibly happy!  To my luck, she did!

So check this out:


Mom Stuff

  1.  I don’t keep my passions a secret and Heather nailed two of them with this awesome mug.  Yes, a pineapple!!!  Yes, a coffee mug!!!  I adore the entire look.
  2.  The pineapple wreath hanger is pretty phenomenal.  It just so happens to match my living room perfectly.  Can you see why I was smiling the whole time I was checking this box out?  The girl gets me!
  3. So the one item I was really hoping she would send me is on of her Oh My Glitter designs wine glasses.  Look what she did!!!!  She included one!  And she even personalized it for me.  It is so cute I have yet to use it because I just love staring at it – yes, I’m weird!  Everyone needs one of these so order!

    Girl Stuff

    My daughter was super excited to get her treasures from Ella.

  4. An Easter Nail Set is pretty darn perfect for a nine year old who likes to have pretty nails!  We’re going to get on top of this this weekend since the month of April is kicking off.
  5. My daughter LOVES emojies.  This little note and pin set was perfect and I am finding notes all around on the sticky notes.
  6. Hair mascara, and yes, she’s already had some faint blue streaks in her pony tail since getting this box!

When I told my C about this swap box she asked if maybe Ella would want to be pen pals.  I told her I would include the burning question in the note with the box.  Well to her delight a week later she received the sweetest little note from Ella.  Both our girls have such similar interests and goals (for now, future teachers) that I believe the coolest part of the box (other than all my pineapple loot!) is that two little ladies are going to be writing buddies for a while!

Now that is a major win!

Thank you, Heather for all your sweetness!

Go check out what other Girl Mom Boxes held over at OPLG’s place today!



28 thoughts on “Happy Mail!”

  1. A major score for you and baby girl!! She got your number, Heather is a doll like you so no wonder she would know your jams!! Yay you get a glitter glass of hers…so pretty!!

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  2. Eekk!! So excited that you love everything!
    I love that C & E are going to be pen pals. That is just the sweetest darn thing!
    Girl. Use that glass. Like yesterday.
    You will love it!! It’s like your own sippy cup! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How lucky were you to draw Heather! She obviously nailed the box. I love that the girls are being pen pals. I seriously had the best pen pal once….right up until my mom found out I had been lying to her in all my letters making my life with horses (that I didn’t have) sound like so much fun! My mom…she’s such a hater.

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