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What’s Up? (March 2k17)


Image result for whats upIt may be a Wednesday post but this is Tuesday.  I get it!  I have another post on tap for Wednesday so this is what you get.  What’s Up Wednesday on a Tuesday! HA!  



This month we have done some GOOD eating!  Hello Fresh provides most of my meal kits for the week:

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Well @hellofresh #hellofreshpics #ilovefish

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This week we’re munching on



Earlier in the month I was reminiscing on being married for ten years.  Some days I think, no way!  Other days I think, you mean twenty right?  HA!

The beginning of spring always conjures up good memories of this time of year.  I was thinking just the other day how my little swimmer took her first round of swim lessons in 2009 during March.  She was so tiny!

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Tee ball slash soccer field Bahaha #teeballdays

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I also thought about growing up and hitting the ball field in March.  We would freeze as we would take the field to get ready for another fun spring of softball – it was still slow pitch way back then.  Spring has always meant planting too – mainly flowers.  I always get the itch to plant early but know I cannot do such a thing because we aren’t freeze free here until the last weekend of April.


Hello!  It is SPRING!  That makes me so happy because if you read this blog you know I HATE winter with a passion.  I’m loving the longer periods of daylight too.  I hear people complain about moving clocks forward and I’m baffled.  Why in the world would you want darkness at 6pm?  I just do not understand that one bit and can only offer to drive you to get that antidepressant refilled so you can find some joy!

Been up to:

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A lot of home updates.

This whole experience is being highlighted on the blog.  If you know me you know I live for a few things including: the ocean, the beach, good drinks, exercise, and renovating any and everything.  SO though I may get “stressed” it is the healthy kind because I secretly love this.


My anxiety has anxiety @MyStyleSays @MyStyleSays:

My work calendar is tight.  I don’t dread my work but I do get anxious when I am totally full with clients.  I’m kind of a perfectionist so that can bite me in the booty.  The next couple of weeks will be very busy keeping the clients happy, getting our own home in order, and prepping for a vacation.

Working on:

I already stated this but here are some links!

Excited about/Next month:

Papel Picado (by reena azim negi):

Three words:  Gulf of Mexico

Four word:  Margaritas on a boat.

One word:  Mexico

Watching/Reading/Listening To:

Image result for sweet home oklahomaWatching:  Sweet Home Oklahoma – so funny!  Pumps’ kid made her name in her iPhone Butt Liquor.  I laugh so hard!!!!

Reading Sophie Kinsella’s latest release: My Not So Perfect Life

Listening to country music again….I think it is pop.  Jon Pardi is probably my favorite right now.


I don’t share outfits very much but in March I decided to prove to you I don’t just wear my work out clothes and don a pony tail every day.

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As #honest as it gets! #motherhood #anniversaryweekend

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This weekend:

Spring - Hello April  #NBnewyear @thenutribullet:

Happy First Weekend of April!  I’m not sure what we will do.  Hopefully, we will grill something and have a few drinks by a bonfire.  And of course complete more tasks.

Next month:

Easy tips we learned on Instagram:

I’m taking two weeks off the blog from April 15-April 30th.  Love y’all so much and thankful for my regular readers, you guys rock out!  Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Life!

Sugar Detox begins April 1-14th!!!!  Join me on the blog!



16 thoughts on “What’s Up? (March 2k17)”

  1. Love that, for words, margaritas on a boat! Wish I was going to be on that boat drinking with you! Girl, you are going to be busy but it’s going to be a good busy! And how smart are you to take two weeks off from the blog! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday or it could be Wednesday if we wanted to be, ha ha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SO excited for your mexico trip! Love Jon Pardi! We saw him in concert not to long ago! He opened for Kip Moore 🙂
    I LOVE SPRING and it getting dark 7:30-8!!! Summer is my favorite when it’s 9:00 before it gets dark!!
    We love being outdoors! Ian just said this morning! I hope it doesn’t rain this afternoon because I wan to play outside!! Love it!!


    1. Jon Pardi is just awesome. He makes me smile – well his music does! Girl, I love spring too and everything that comes with it!!! I hope Ian gets his wish and it doesn’t rain. We are in thunderstorm season now here in NC!


  3. I am so jealous of your Mexico trip. Please drink a margarita for me 🙂 I also love you super cute pineapple shirt – very fun. You will for sure be missed in April but a blog break is good for the soul. Happy Tuesday. 🙂


  4. Mexico…take me with you! Hahaha! I won’t even drink the margaritas (bad college experience with tequila…but I will drink the rum)! Great recap of your month. I have loved following along with your home updates this month. You are inspiring me to rip stuff up and paint. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

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