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It All Started With…

This week is busy.  This past weekend was full.  And the race is on.

Mexico is just about twenty days away.  Sure, it’s an anniversary trip but it is also the reward for busting tail for the next three weeks!  Our goal sheet is long and to be honest I’m amazed I’m sitting down to blog because I really don’t have the time to do it.

But thanks to Allie, I have to.  <wink>

Do you ever set out to do, oh I don’t know, two or three things?  Then in the middle of working on that first or second project your brain wanders around and suddenly you have decided to add in a few more projects?  Yeah.  That’s me.

It started with a closet.

Rather creating a closet.  Old homes equal no closets.  For a week we worked on transitioning our self created closet into a more proper closet.  While working on this space I had visions of eventually knocking out a wall and making my bathroom large enough to turn around, pirouette in, hold a small concert in, you get me, right?  (First world problems to complain about the size of your shitter, I get it.)  Knowing we could not really tear out a wall at the moment we ended up buying a vanity for the bathroom.  The same bathroom I removed a vanity from in the spring of 2014.  Yes, I opted for a pedestal sink and that is smart for a half bath but never for your regular bathroom.  People need storage!  Especially people who have bathrooms the size of elevators.

It started with a door that was out of square.

Another project we had on our initial list was fixing our back door.  It was so out of square that I really don’t think we should have even had a door up.  I mean it was virtually a little hanging deal that allowed the outside in.  Talk about living earthy.  Anyway – my husband took the door frame apart only to find our contractor a few years back failed to even screw in the frame, let alone make sure it was square.  Basically, if you wanted to, you could have kicked in our back door with one good jiu jitsu move.  You think I’m kidding?  I’m not.  Fixing that door led to the decision to paint that door (Parakeet Pete from Olympic.) Then it led to examining the interior door that leads to that room and trying to decide if we will bring our French Doors back, just have a nice entry way sans a door, or do a double door that isn’t so very typical.  Please bring wine to me.  I will share.

It started with a one inch paint brush.

You know my best friends are dirt and paint.  Those elements just get me like none other.  Oh damn…and wine!  Please don’t let wine know I failed to mix her in in sentence one.  Painting is like this big, fat release for me.  I prefer canvas paired with acrylics and wine.  However, sometimes the painting I hate the most is the most therapeutic.  As I was touching up walls and trim on Friday night and Saturday morning I contemplated changing some room colors.  The stupid part?  All of it.  I really like the colors in my house right now so I really am not ready to change any colors.  Plus, I have a four year old and a nine year old.  The nine year old is pretty much clean (if you do not look at her room) but the four year old boy monster is far from it.  So I plan on changing our colors in 2021.  When he is eight years old and playing sports and not at home as much.  You know the age they start hiding PBJ under their beds instead of smearing it on walls?  Yeah.

It started with some sunshine.

Friday started my outdoor work.  It was great out, sunny and sixty-seven degrees.  It is time to update my flower beds.  They need another round of mulch but I hate mulch.  I like pebble rock (brown and grey not white.  White always made me think of the Golden Girls.  Weird, yes.)  However, our budget doesn’t agree with pebble rock.  To be blatantly honest with you – I have a crack rock budget with cocaine dreams.  That was pretty deep and funny, it made me laugh!  If you just scanned the post not really reading it I bet that line stood out!  I do not partake in crack or cocaine but I do like wines that start with “C” and Coca Cola.  BACK tot he topic at hand.  I have some rose bushes that need some attention.  I have and end zone that needs a lot of attention.  I have a back yard that has a barren spot that is driving me crazy.  And I have a deck, a massive deck, that needs something extra – a real pop if you will.  The only prescription I could find for my ailments here are:  Waiting until May to get the flower beds situated (its a local thing as we can have a deep freeze until April 30th); utilizing some materials we have on hand to create a patio area in the back yard.  I would like to paint our deck but my experiences with painted decks have been negative.  (Hello chipping, fading, and uncoolness.)  My grandma had a red deck – I remember that thing and it pains me!  I like to paint but not that much so I imagine the deck will just hold on to its stain another year or two and I will have to get over the color.  Maybe….

Are you in the midst of spring projects?  I would love to hear about them.  Bouncing ideas is fun too!

Have a great day, y’all!



9 thoughts on “It All Started With…”

  1. Oh my! I have a list of projects for the house that sits on the fridge and every once in a while, something gets crossed off. You’d probably be able to knock out my whole list in an afternoon! I do still need to paint our coffee table- maybe this summer? I feel like we’ve spent most of our extra cash on paying off our cars, so I can live with paint from previous owners for a bit longer! 🙂 Mexico is going to be a blast!

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    1. I am so sleepy today. I was able to get through work on butt loads of caffeine. Now I’m really about to pass out but have a work out scheduled. As far as cost goes this wasn’t expensive for us. We still have a lot of building remnants from the catastrophe of ’14 to utilize…well we had lots now we’re dwindling that stock pile down! Ahhh Mexico….margaritas….beach….Zzzzz!


  2. I wondered where you were today love bug? I know exactly what you were doing, getting those hands dirty! I’m so excited for your vacation coming up, if anybody deserves a nice relaxing time, it’s you my love! I have a love-hate relationship with painting, and suddenly I’m transported to art class in elementary school where you wore your daddy’s big shirts as smocks, I don’t know why your post inspired that thought, ha ha! I hope you’re having a great start to your week sweetie, the countdown is on!!

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  3. Lots of fun projects! I have a door like yours and gentleman caller is trying to fix it for me, but to no avail yet, after 6 months. I think I need a new house, even though I love my old one! Yay for Mexico! You are going to look so hot…and be so hot!

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  4. Love seeing all your projects, Girlfriend! And damn! How could you forget the wine! Oh! Maybe that’s because you drank so much of it this weekend! HAHAHA!


  5. Amazing progress! I am still in the middle of purging our house like mad. I am actually REALLY close to being almost done, then I am going to move onto the next phase, deep cleaning. I think it will be MUCH easier if things are a bit less cluttered :P.

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