Friday #11



Hobby Lobby….working on my project!

Heather….I love it! And everything else! Check the blog March 29th!

Tee ball time! Classic moment: “It hit me in the pee pee!!!” Oh boys are just classic.

My daughter is officially a tween. I love her but if it weren’t for wine and a good group of friends along with my hubby I would be OVER IT!

Y’all know I am busy working on my house (in between work, taxiing kids, and other lust worthy tasks ha!) Here is a sneak of my new dressing vanity.

Time for an appraisal of the home so that’s just an excuse to fuel Lowes Stock. Quite the way to spend Saturday night. #oldLast weekend was birthday party time for our favorite twins. It was also national day of ass holes as we were chewed out at the ice rink by someone who jumped to assumptions. Some others I know got jumped by fools on Saturday. I am glad I don’t know the pain of a miserable existence. #thankyajesus

Last Friday Lizz rocked my world. Back to blonde!!!! I am so happy to be back to my spirit color LOL! And yes it’s my hair, it grows fast, since I decided to let it grow in August 2015 it has grown an inch a month. Nothing miraculous just a lot of water drinking (and wine!)

This weekend I will be eye ball deep in home projects, working out, and sipping Cabernet or Ultra! The blog will be a tad bit stagnant for the next few weeks. Life happens, right? Love y’all!!!!



15 thoughts on “Friday #11”

  1. My tween students and I were just comparing kindergarten classrooms to 6th grade classrooms and came to the conclusion that teachers in both room probably say similar things to their kids! They do grow up a little more one day! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  2. Amen to your meme about parenting. My daughter has drove me crazy all week!!! I feel like I need to drink every night I have to help her with math homework. And little tball players are the cutest. I would love to just have a little boy so that we could just play tball 🙂 I hope you have a great Friday 🙂

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  3. Happy Friday you craft mama HOT BLONDE BABE!!! Love the blonde, the pineapple mug…oh my cuteness and cannot wait to see that darling vanity, the style of it is so precious!! I miss the days t-ball but not the hostage negotiations…light at the end of the tunnel for ya…they generally stop around 18 and my youngest wants to think he is 18 so he is the easy one. Totally get it, I had all 3 screaming on the floor of wal-mart once…almost left em’ there!!

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  4. Ha! I should have read this yesterday because my Friday night was 99% wine, too! Girl, these tween years are KILLING ME!! I hate Middle School! I pray for my kid every day. Lord, give me strength!

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