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Refreshing: Exterior

Cleanings posts, done!

Clutter post, completed.

Now to the fun stuff.  Did you know there are two times a year when people are more likely to update their homes?  Those two times are April/May and September/October.  The latter is generally in response to the impending holiday season and the spring refresher is because so many of us equivocate spring with change.  And change can be very, very good.

Our first remodel took place in the spring.  It was a fabulous time to update the house (then it was 76 years old).  We did wiring, plumbing, roofing, flooring, walls…you get it everything.  The kitchen was totally gutted and made over.  I’m still pretty thrilled to have my non white kitchen.  I will never forget sitting down with the designer and saying, “I don’t want white.”  To which he responded, “Really?  Everybody wants white!”  And I said, “Well you will learn quickly I’m not everybody.”  (Our kitchen is chestnut.)  But that’s kind of me, a little left of center with trends.

It has been three years since our remodel and here I am today sharing a laundry list of sorts of updates that I’m ready to make (but probably will not quite yet) of our home.  Maybe you’re in teh same boat – ready to update but not quite there mentally and fianncially (hahaha mind and money money and mind, pass the gin and juice!)  I also decided to throw in some other updates that may not exactly pertain to my dwelling but I just love to share that may be for your structure.

Let’s go big first, ok?

Outdoor Living: Inground Pool Ideas Small Yards, pool designs for ...:

For 10 years we have been really (very, extremely) blessed that my mom has had a pool.  It has been a great way to get exercise and entertain the kiddos from June-September every year.  My daughter learned to swim in my mom’s pool and it was one of my son’s very first outings after coming into the world.  We adore the pool.

Unfortunately, the pool is now a thing of the past.  My mom is moving and that is leaving us high and dry (get the pun) as far as summer water happiness going.  If it was feesible we would put in a pool of our own but at this time it just would make no financial sense.  So mama is buying a membership to a private pool and we will all cry as load up and drive 15 miles to go swim a little with strangers.

The pool pictured is one that would fit perfectly, one day, in our back yard.  It is a bit smaller than the traditional size inground pool and I just love the circular shape.

Attached garage-roof line and breezeway?:

If you have a pool you need a pool house.  You also need a garage for your vehicles if you faile to add that one when your house fell down a few years ago.  If you have kids then I think a bonus room is needed too.  Especially if you have a tween who wants to have friends over and they scream and laugh way too loud constantly.

I love this garage and would attach it straight to my home.  You know the number one reason I love this?  It would MATCH my home.  One pet peeve I have is when people add on a garage to their home (attached) and decide to use a totally different exterior finish on it.  For example:  midcentury brick rancher with a white vinyled attached garage added.  No.  No!  Or one of my favorite – mid century brick rancher, addition added in cedar shingles, another addition added to that one in vinyl.  It is like a train of wreckage.  It is a, “well we couldn’t afford to do this right so we just did this tacky wrong.”

Please make sure your exteriors match.  This is now a segue into talking about exteriors.

If you have an older brick home with brick that just isn’t quite fabulous in 2017 then this spring you should invest (if possible) in updating that brick.  I suggest painting.  Painting is a broad term because you really have a few options when it comes to making your brick look modern (and in a rustic kind of way!)

Red brick to French country - paint, new entry & window with copper roof:
White wash exterior

  1.  White Wash – This is a favorite and it is quite popular in my neck of the woods.  This technique will not break the bank and only requires lime concentrate, water, and table salt.

    83f60d80805b86bd9df85f671de4358c.jpg 699×702 pixels:
    German Smear – I personally love this.
  2. German Smear – Take your white wash a step farther and add in this popular style of finishing for an even lovelier touch.  German mortar consists of buying WHITE mortar and going over your white washed brick to get that smeared coverage.  You can also opt to not white wash first an just do this over your colored brick.

    Paint adds major curb appeal to this brick home:
    Job well done on this brick painting job.
  3. Paint – The old standby – exterior brick paint.  Joanna Gaines probably inspired you on this one.  Actually if you decide on a warm white or a blue I will know she did. #redundancy

If you aren’t as lucky to have brick (I have vinyl) then spring is the time to pressure was the siding.  It is also time to take note of possibly needing to replace the vinyl if the pressure washer does not seem to touch 70% of the exterior (yep that sucks.)

Wood exteriors – why did you decide on wood?  I grew up in a log house and I vowed never, ever, ever to live in another wood anything.  However, if wood is your deal then is it time to stain it?  Stain isn’t life long, friends.  This applies to decks as well.  And yes, I do have a one hell of a deck/porch.

Vinyl Siding Colors on Pinterest | Siding Colors, Vinyl Siding and ...: Painted porch rug:

The fun part of vinyl and wood is that you can alter the appearance by choosing to go a different color than the regular run of the mill white, sand, and brown.  If this is the year to revinyl your hoe maybe you want to spice it up.

Other updates to the exterior:

Roofing – Is it time to replace a shingled roof?  Metal is quite popular, economical, and green.  You have other “green” roofing ideas but be warned they will cost you a lot of dollars.

Windows- If this is the year you update your windows make sure you get ones with lifetime warranties.  I say this especially to moms of kids who play baseball, softball, golf, etc.  If you have an especially dark room in your home that could benefit from some natural light (I do!) then this could be the season you add in a new window here or there in your home.

Shutters – An easy update, maybe you just need to freshen up the paint on them or maybe you need to replace them all together.  This makes a huge difference to the curb appeal of your home.

Landscaping – You know me – we will have a whole other post on this later.

Home Sweet Home Pineapple Rug

Happy Spring!



10 thoughts on “Refreshing: Exterior”

  1. We were just talking this weekend about what we’d spend lottery winnings on. I’d spend the money on the inside, as our outside is in fairly nice shape. I’d get some landscaping done, but I’d turn my kitchen into the Mexican hacienda paradise I’ve dreamed of! I love homes that get whitewashed- definitely a beautiful update!

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  2. Nooooo your mama cannot take away your pool! Well looks like you’re moving in with us when house is complete, still in planning stages but ya know, you gotta break it gently to the Fam that the master mama of all goodness is moving north, lol!! The German Spear….in LOVE!!

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