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Spring Projects 2k17


That title is so deceptive.  Here I am, writing this post and it is literally 34 degrees outside.  It is also blustery.  Spring?  HA!  I am counting down though – there is light at the end of this winter tunnel.

Last week if you had asked if I had spring projects I would look at you like a deer in headlights. For the first time in YEARS I could honestly say, “No.”  That is just odd for me.  I always have an idea I want to run with or become inspired over the faintest of sights, events, etc.  But this year I just did not have that desire.

Then we decided to refinance our home.  (We did well.  Go quickly if you need to as well!  Rates are on the rise.)  On the way home from the bank, after realizing we would need another appraisal of our property, it hit me – a project.

Oh I had ideas of quick grandeur run through my mind.  My very left brain mind.  We would rip out our “closet” and create a larger more functional closet.  That would do well for our nearly 85-year-old home.  It would be no problem.

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Getting a new closet!!!!

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My husband was on board immediately because he has wanted to rip out that closet for years.  As soon as we got home he started the demo.  He was raving over how we could do this project and not have to buy a thing because we had all we needed in the workshop.  We had left over flooring and closet system pieces and this would be a great, quick update.

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All I do is work work work him lol….#closetrenovation

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Reality bites.  (Remember that movie?  I barely do.)  The closet came apart so easy.  Demolition is such a sneaky character – so easy to rip apart something and then when it comes to rebuilding it just loses that charm.  The flooring he thought we had – I kept remembering it being tossed out in a clean out last year.  That was confirmed.  No, we did not have the remaining pieces of flooring.  (Hello, Lowes Associate, we will see you soon.)  The beaded board behind the sheet rock we removed (that was bittersweet having just had that installed three years ago) was in a messy condition of having been painted in 1938.  (Hello, Lowes Associate I just need a quart of Kilz, please.  Oh and a quart of Coral Blush.)  And since I decided I do not have any need for more closet racks and instead need to put my own touch on it I will be refinishing an old dressing table that just happened to be given to us a few weeks back and we both looked at and said, “Hmm, what the hell will we do with this?”

My first project of spring 2017 – the quickie – will be a bit longer than expected but I have goals.  I will be showing you my handy er messy at times work here on my little internet space.  We will do a whole step by step, day by day, bottle by bottle experience via the CCK site.

SO today I ask you for a few things:

  1. Prayer
  2. Positivity
  3. Pinot Noir

Here we go!



4 thoughts on “Spring Projects 2k17”

  1. Why do projects always take SO much longer than you think they will. We are getting ready to bite off massive project overload around here too. I guess I should start stocking up on the booze now.


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