Healthy Girls Like Shitty Kitchens


Good morning!  Short & sweet (kick ass) post today.

First off your Healthy Girl Challenge is going strong with twenty-six ladies who have let me know they are participating!  A few are really doing all the challenges and some others are picking and choosing challenges.  I just love you guys!  We got this!

So let’s recap….

Water, water, water

A glass of wine nightly

Bye bye pasta

You are walking as much as you possibly can

Planking multiple times a day for at least thirty seconds

You’re working on getting 7.5 hours of sleep

More fish in your diet

You bought a few weights and are toying around with them

Hello squats!  10-20 three times a day – they are the best exercise to do when you are standing around waiting!  Even if you are at work – show off that butt!  As long as you don’t get fired for sexual harassment.  Yeah that’s bad news.

And today we add in…..push ups!

There is no shortcut. It takes time to build a better, stronger version of yourself.:

STOP CUSSING ME!  I just want ten from you, three times a day.  Let’s make this fun.  Maybe today when you get home from work you give yourself a thirty second plank, ten squats, and lay it on down for ten push ups.  Oh and girl ones are just fine!!!!  Hold your tummy in tight, keep your back straight, and watch your fat start to disappear from your midsection and your arms take some pretty shape!


Squats work the booty and legs, planks work the core, and your push ups are making your arms look oh so pretty.

Drink that water.

Now to food…

Slow Cooker Crock Pot healthy Chicken Cacciatore
Via my-shittykitchen.blogspot.com

This is super quick.  Lower carb girls will LOVE this recipe as much as my family did.  You guys know I just love Missy at Shitty Kitchen.  Well that girl posted up a cacciatore recipe last week (no noodles) and I had to try it.  Yesterday was so cold and yucky here that I knew it was the perfect time to make this crock pot dish.

Y’all it was sooooo good!  And it is so good for you!  Vitamins, minerals, lycopene, happy food for a happy body – there is nothing shitty about this!  Go see Missy today and see if she’s posted some more goodness!

14 thoughts on “Healthy Girls Like Shitty Kitchens”

  1. LOVE pushups. I remember the days when I couldn’t do one to save my life and I made a deal with the husband that when I did 30 “boy” push-ups in a row he would go buy me ice cream, HA! You can bet you a$$ I met that goal ;).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am just loving this comment – ice cream and push ups – now that is a dream come true! I still have to do girl ones due to a balance issue I have but I rock them as hard as I can! So what kind of ice cream did he treat you to? If I could eat it (I’m LI) I would go MOOSE TRACKS! xoxoxox


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