Clutter Talk

Because clutter is never going to feel zen. #GratefulFor | Fit Bottomed Girls:

Clutter, a word we know all too well.  OK maybe not you, Miss-I-Put-Everything-Where-It-Goes-At-All-Times.  This post is not for you so vamoose and go find a post on how hard it is to be perfect.

There are a few areas of my home that get cluttered on the constant:

  1.  The kitchen island.  This area catches school work, mail, toys, paperwork, magazines, books, grocery bags, (currently) a jar of sea shells, and more strange items.  Why?  Because when we walk in the first place we go is to the kitchen island and unload and seem to never put things exactly where they go.  Do you have an area that is your landing zone where you unload the day?
  2. The laundry room.  I can organize this room and clean it up and then once I blink my eyes its cluttered with craft supplies, laundry, and anything else the kids or myself think, “Hmm, not sure where this goes so I will put it in the laundry room.”
  3. The dresser.  Actually, its a buffet that I shared months ago.  Currently, it is a clutter catch all.  I have crap on it that needs to be gone through and trashed or filed.  Speaking of being filed – I decided to eliminate the filing cabinet we had from our lives so I have all our paperwork in a tote beside the buffet.  This is a total disaster.
  4. Our make-shift closet.  I keep dreaming I will win the lotto and go buy a new house.  Perhaps, I should try to play the thing first?  Technically, I do not have a closet in my bedroom.  I have two racks and an old linen closet.  Both of which are cluttered messes.

So let’s chat about combatting these cluttered areas.

For the kitchen island I have purchased two bins to sit in the vicinity of where we tend to lay any and everything.  One bin is for papers and the other is for items.  My goal is to go through these bins 3-4 times a week.  I will trash what needs to be trashed, what needs to be kept will be go into another bin tucked neatly away, and what needs to be placed (items) will be put away daily!

Craft Room desk with ruffled burlap skirt. Great idea to hide storage underneath the desk. Take a tour of the Dream Craft Room www.craftaholicsanonymous.net:
I actually love this table with the skirt.  I can utilize the table for folding and store the craft supplies underneath.  We do not have loads so this would be super great!  

The laundry room needs more than just bins.  It is in need of shelving or and additional table for storage of paints, papers, and some other items.  I like the idea of out of site out of mind so maybe a table like the one above with a skirt.

Copper Ladder Storage Basket - Urban Outfitters:
I have a slight crush on this copper baby doll.  (Urban Outfitters)

For our bedroom I need a shredder, a trash bag, and a bottle of wine.  I can be honest with you and tell you that when I reorganize my bedroom I end up making more “donation bags” and then wondering why I have no clothing.  Anyone else guilty of that?  The first step in organizing and decluttering this room is dealing with the items that came from the eliminated filing cabinet.  I need to purchase a smaller organization item and also utilize our safe to put some documents in.  Next up, its time to go through the bins on our buffet.We have the cutest gold speckled bins but lately they are messy with anything we think, “May need this again, better put it in here!”  Then its time to deal with the clothing that is just working as a tablecloth on top of the buffet (really?)

A beautiful dream closet makeover! I LOVE the organization ideas. Such a great use of a small space.:
A girl can dream.  Here’s mine.  Nothing massive nothing too tiny.  

The closet is another project.  If I do not win the lottery within the first month of playing it then I guess we will have to make a new major project list.  Perhaps ripping out the linen closet and inserted new closet hardware.  While doing this I think it may be necessary to eliminate the bathroom and regroup on that thing too.  Oh my idea bank is rolling now.

So what are your areas of clutter in your home?  How do you combat or want to combat them?  Do you think we can seriously keep our homes clutter free?  I cannot wait to hear your feed back!

Oh and I love this list!

22 Things To Get Rid of Right Now - The Joyful Organizer:

And this is something I want to hang up in my daughter’s room….

Extreme, but probably effective.:



Monday’s Challenge:  Fit in squats today.  Let’s do 20 this morning, ten on your lunch break, ten after school, and fifteen before bed.  If you’re not sure what a squat is then I can either write it out or I can give you a graphic.  I know…a video.


Just like clutter in your house you can have clutter in your “trunk” – this will help you eliminate it too. (Ha!)




12 thoughts on “Clutter Talk”

  1. Oh my gosh, how I want that closet, so pretty!!! Ugh, lets talk clutter, I Hate it and do a pretty good job but since I like nothing out, it get shoved in drawers and closets. Major purge coming my way and I printed your list…getting rid of it all!! Have a super week ahead sista!!! xo

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  2. Oh my gosh you made literally LOL and wake up my husband with that punch you in the face sign! I think our kitchen table and my kitchen desk take the most abuse. Plan to have Robert put some shelves in the laundry room this summer and replace the wine rack that is built into our island with shelves for my cookbooks and such. Think I’m going to use your list this week while the kids are gone in conjunction with Mel’s 40 bags program. Happy Monday- oh and send me that closet, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I LOVE that closet. Everything about it. I dream of a walk-in closet one day. My cluttered spot is our kitchen table when the kids get home. That is where they drop everything and we go through it right away but seriously, it looks like a war zone until dinner. Then the kids pick it up. We have been getting rid of all of our clutter this year and it has been so freeing. It is amazing how much junk we have just laying around. At the beginning of the year I started to de-clutter and it keeps going and going and going. Hahaha! Have a great day!

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  4. Since I skipped the gym this morning, I guess I’ll hop on the squat bus so I don’t feel so lazy. I’d take the girls for a walk but it is GROSS here today.

    Oh the clutter. We are right on the edge of a MAJOR purge around here. Getting ready to list our house and put all of our stuff in storage tends to do that though.

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  5. I need that punch you can n the face sign too for my kid! I had to tell her THREE $@/!? times yesterday to carry her FOLDED & CLEAN clothes to her room! And our kitchen island is the worst for clutter, too! I have to clean it off before the maid comes every week!!

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  6. Girl….I can totally relate to the island issue in the kitchen! My family (me included) walk straight in and dump on the bar or kitchen table. It’s a constant clutter..ugh. And my laundry room is so freaking tiny it’s ridiculous. I’m in major purge, clean and organize mode this week and while I do not have any trouble tossing paper, magazines, etc I have evidently allowed a few areas to get overwhelmed. We are on trash bag number 3, have sold a few items on our local FB page and will have a load to donate. It’s going to feel great if I can get finished!! Today….kitchen and pantry…if you don’t hear from me I’ve been buried or passed out from too much wine!

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    1. Hey hey! I sold a couple items on our local FB page too! I hate doing that, weirdos are everywhere (including the one typing this blog! HA!) What is it about the island? The island of junk is what I call it. I loved seeing your pantry clean out – made me giggle, first world problems we got going on! xoxoxox


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