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Weekend Healthy Girl Challenge * FOOD

Maybe you hate your job and love when you don't have to go there, or, you love your job so much that you give 300% and collapse come Friday evening, cuz you're ready for a well-deserved, much needed break!  I love my job, I work hard, and I love the weekends!:

I want to preface this with a note:

We are getting snow this weekend.  It is supposed to start this evening and go through tomorrow afternoon.  The weather lady (who is not a winter fan either) says we won’t get enough to matter.  Maybe 2 inches maybe nothing.

I also want to remind you:

Tonight prior to going to bed you need to move your clocks UP an hour.  We’ll be spending the last week of winter with extra daylight.  If you have Seasonal Affective Disorder, like me, then this is music to your ears.  If you are going to gripe over losing an hour of sleep then skip church tomorrow and sleep in.  DUH!

Unless you’re Catholic, you need your credits.


Alright, let’s do this:

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Your challenge is simple:  40 minutes of cardio OR 30 minutes cardio 20 minutes weights.  Yesterday I challenged you to get some little free weights.  I suggested 10 pound ones if you are a novice to lifting.  We don’t need to shock your muscles.  We need to ease you into this.  Since I’m limited on my technology (I’m working on that this year) I cannot show you exactly what I want you to do.  BUT I CAN GET GRAPHICS!

5 Great Exercises for Sculpted Shoulders Lose Weight With More Energy

I actually just a great shoulder set from Fitness Food Diva – these are lifts I do myself and you can get used to them with ten pound weights.  If it is just too easy to do then you need to up your weight.

And then there is this one that is really easy to do.  This graphic came from The Five Fit Girls 🙂

Suns Out Guns Out Arm Workout:

I want to advise that you can do all of these at home with your free weights.  If you haven’t purchased any be sure to check out second-hand stores for free weights to save some money.  If you are wanting to make the investment you can get sets on Amazon.

Now let’s talk FOOD..

I’m not sure where you are reading from but where I am it is going to be flat out cold.  The last week of winter is going to be below freezing every night and barely into the 40’s all week.  Me no likey.  Though it is easy to pull in those comfort foods when it is cold outside I challenge you not to.

Here are some meal ideas to help you with the grocery shopping this weekend:

Missy’s Cacciatore (I am making this crock pot dish tomorrow!)

Slow Cooker Crock Pot healthy Chicken Cacciatore

Cooking Classy’s Grilled Chicken Quinoa Burrito Bowls

Grilled Chicken Burrito and Quinoa Bowls with Avocado Salsa | Cooking Classy

And finally how about this one?  I love seafood tacos!  This one comes from Sun Basket.

Spicy shrimp tacos diablo with pickled cabbage and lime

And I cannot wrap up this post without telling you, again, I’m a Hello Fresh girl. I adore this grocery service.  Last week we had fabulous shrimp and grits, last night the hubs and i were talking about how wonderful they were (and we had them on Tuesday!)  Hello Fresh is just a great way to skip the store and have your dinner ingredients shipped to you with fabulous recipes and step by step instruction on how to create a great meal.  Tuesday I gave away three free boxes via my Instagram account (Cardiocabkeyboard) so be sure to check out my social media accounts for more give always in the future.  Also, if you’re ready to try Hello Fresh then use the code AMANDABUL for $40 off your first box!

Ok go have a great weekend!  We’re still celebrating anniversary number ten over here!  Find your joy this weekend and sweat a little too!





6 thoughts on “Weekend Healthy Girl Challenge * FOOD”

  1. Burrito bowls are on the menu here this weekend, too! I found a recipe that seems like a copycat for Chipotle’s corn, so I hope to share. Hope y’all are having a great anniversary!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shouldn’t we just eat Mexican inspired meals every day? I mean, I am down! We had a nice dinner out last night! Tonight we’re doing it all over again! So excited. I hope you guys are having a nice relaxing morning 🙂


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