Healthy Girl Challenge Coffee & FOOD!


Tasty Tuesday, woo hoo.

Let’s catch up…

  1.  You’re drinking water, hot tea, black coffee (but you miss add ins.)
  2.  You’re upping your walking game.
  3.  You gave up noodles for zoodles and a drink or three over the weekend.
  4. Yesterday (Snap, IG, Facebook) you started your thirty-second plank twice a day.

And today you get to add in this nugget…

The return of an add in to the coffee.

Coffee is not bad for you.  It is what we do to the coffee that makes it this calorie ridden, fatty, beverage of crap.  (And I like that crap too.)

Be smart with your coffee additions today.

If you like cream switch to Sugar Free Fat Free Almond Milk or Skim Milk.  Soy friends will be happy to bring it into their coffee.

Steer clear of powder creamers.

If you must have a flavor infused creamer make sure you opt for sugar-free or better yet create your own concoction by purchasing the spices you like!

Image result for grande skinny caramel macchiato

Starbucks is my friend.  I always go skinny on whatever I order.  One of the best bets for you is the Tall Skinny Caramel Macchiato.  At 140 calories, 5 gtams of fat, 13 grams of carbs, 18 grams of sugar, and 9 protein grams you aren’t hurting your waistline or aging cells too badly.

Remember fake sugars are not processed very smoothly, if at all, by our bodies.  Adverse reactions can occur immediately or over time to products like Splenda, Sweet n Low, and Equal.  Sugar alcohols can result in moderate loose stools.  Be gentle on what you sweeten with!

I don’t always follow my own orders and often I will slip a Diet Coke so if you fall remember to pick yourself back up and try again.


I spy FOOD!  One of our challengers asked about some recipes and if I can find some and share them that I would be game to add to the challenge.

But of course!  These all came from Pinterest!

Chicken Avocado Spring Rolls - so good!  Listen to The Outdoor Cooking Show Sunday afternoons 5:00 - 6:00 PM on KPRC 950 AM in Houston, or via streaming media via the iHeart radio app.  If you can't listen live, podcasts are available via iTunes.:
Although my verdict is still out on how I am processing avocado (sad face) this looks amazing.  Fresh veggies, lean meat and low on carbs.  You can also exchange out the meat and make this vegetarian quite easily.  Here’s your link
Pesto Salmon and Italian Veggies in Foil - this is an easy, flavorful dinner that is sure to please! So delicious!::
We all need to up our fish game.  I know not everyone likes seafood, I get it.  Well actually I don’t because seafood is my food of choice!  These simple foil packet meals are packed with Omega 3’s, protein, and good calories  Make your skin glow and heart sing.  Here’s your link.

Two for Tuesday!  See ya later.



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12 thoughts on “Healthy Girl Challenge Coffee & FOOD!”

    1. I am very lucky in that my kids will eat whatever I put on the table. Since both kids really enjoy raw vegetables I try to incorporate that into every dinner. Sometimes its salads and sometimes its just raw veggies with the protein on the plate! My kids do not get choices, so if they don’t want what I serve then they don’t eat. Very rarely do they end up not eating LOL! As far as something I make that they can eat every day – I throw chicken in the crock pot with taco seasoning, let it cook then shread it and we make taco salads with them. It is generally just lettuce, tomato, cucumber, a dollop of fat free sour cream and salsa. They get cheese on their salads where I skip it. I will work on a post of my own stuff for the family table that is healthy for next week or the next. Hope this helps a little!


  1. LOVE that salmon and I am an almond milk in my coffee drinker too. Powdered creamer…UGH, never liked the stuff. I am lucky too in a sense that now the boys are older they will eat about anything except the youngest still won’t eat mushrooms, what is wrong with him? LOL I wish we had fresher fish options around here, I get it frozen but I love fresh fish so much. I’m a doing my planks girl!! LOVE your challenges!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wooo hooo! I love fish too and we have a couple fresh fish markets who send drivers down to the coast every two days to collect catch. I generally still buy mine frozen too though. Right now I’m drooling for some Ahi Tuna with wasabi sauce and asparagus. Both kids run from raw mushrooms but love them simmered – weirdos. XOXOXO


  2. Those spring rolls look phenomenal. They would be a hit in this house. I love all the recipes you have been sharing. I am so excited for garden zucchini and my new spiralizer I got on black Friday. Great advice today (like everyday!).


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