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Healthy Girl Challenge Day 2


Just so you know, my goal is to make these posts short.  That’s my goal, ok?

Yesterday I introduced and reintroduced the Healthy Girl Challenge to you guys.  Today I start this path with you.  I’m kinda excited.


Because I know you can do this.  I know how simple this is and yet how many of you said to me yesterday, yikes no can’t do that.  That can’t mentality is really ugly on you.  I mean it looks like baby vomit down your sleeve and smells like a grown up diaper packed full.

You should change your mindset.

Your challenge today is a continuation of yesterday’s challenge

Water, hot tea, coffee only.

But we’re adding in something too…

You know those fully functioning things you wear pants, shorts, dresses, leggings on?  The ones with feet at the bottom of them?  The thing Ariel wanted to have more than anything to be part of our world?  Yeah, those.  It’s time to do something about them.

In case you’re lost (bless it) I’m talking about your legs.

photo Anne Shirley leg shot 2793-08


I don’t care what your legs look like – twigs, well defined, sausage links – it does not matter.  What matters is that they work.  They can move and take your from one point to the next.  That is what counts.

The challenge today is to walk and walk and walk and walk.  (Fitbit friends join the challenge today – add me as your friend so you can participate!)

I want you to walk where ever possible.  Walk the kids to school, walk to work, walk for all  your errands, walk up steps, walk down steps, walk to lunch, walk circles around your office, stand up at your cubical and walk in place for five minutes while you’re on the phone, walk around your house a pretty large amount of time, walk around the grocery store before you actually start doing your shopping, use your break to take a walk, march in place while you wash your hands, march in place while you watch your favorite shows tonight.  The point is I want you to walk, walk, walk.

Improving health from walking ~ Walking in the right manner can lead to better fitness, health, and attitude.:
I love this graphic so much!  Now get yourself moving as much as possible.  Thirty minutes?  You can so beat that.

And now the big announcement.  The majority of physical activity in this challenge this month is just walking.  Did that make you smile?  I know running isn’t for everyone.  I know many of you are daunted by the idea of going in a gym and using a machine or free weights.

Rest assured I heard you with your hesitations and worries and I’m accommodating this month to you.  We’re going to do a lot of walking but we will be upping our walking game as we progress.  And the best part?  I don’t think you will mind one bit.

So turn on the Garmin, Fitbit, etc.  And get to stepping.

My Fitbit address: //

If you’re not very active then I want your goal to be 3,000 steps today.  If you are active and this is old hat then set your goal for 11,000.  If you’re highly competitive and join the Fitbit challenge then shoot for over 15,000 steps.

A note about competition:  You don’t have to finish on top.  The fact you participate and do your best really does make you a winner in your own regard.  But challenge yourself as this challenge moves forward to double, triple, and quadruple your steps.  I could care less who wins its about doing it!  (And I don’t set out to win I set out to make sure I keep myself in check!)

See ya tomorrow, sweetie.




12 thoughts on “Healthy Girl Challenge Day 2”

  1. I JUST ordered some new running shoes today (this morning at the gym, HA!) So excited to get them as my old ones are a year old. I could seriously go for a walk today. Hope it warms up enough that we can.

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