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Healthy Girl Challenge & Reading!

I love reusing my graphics LOL!

Good morning, afternoon, evening, whatever.  Better yet – Happy March!  Happy Lenten Season!  Happy almost spring!  Happy almost time change time!  Happy, happy, happy, happy, etc.

We have a lot to be happy about in March, y’all.  In case you weren’t aware we are on the edge of the good time of year.  (Realizing not everyone likes the warm months and ignoring them.  Just kidding!)

If you tune into my Snap & IG then you know I do a Healthy Girl Challenge every day.  I share a challenge be it something super simple like drink 8oz of water before you eat, schedule your dental exam, or get some extra sleep to more challenging stuff like get off your butt and be active for thirty minutes (not hard but whatever.)

This month we’re kicking it up a notch.  I’m done being easy, ladies and gents.  (Whoa that was a loaded statement, ha!) It’s time to up the ante and see what we can do because January was two months ago and chances are you will want to look good and feel better for extended days of sunshine.

But this isn’t just about looks.  

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Nope!  It is about your immune system, cardiac health, brain health, diabetes risk, bones and joints, gut health, and more.  This is a challenge to make you want to live the best and fullest life you can so you aren’t staring at bad numbers or taking prescription medication to help increase your life span over something preventable like oh I don’t know, heart disease?

Your health is your baby.  No one else can control your health but you.  From the moment you were able to choose what you wanted to eat and drink instead of mama choosing it for you – you became in control of your health.  When you were eight years old eating Little Debbies and riding your bike from sun up to sun down you were laying ground work for your health.  Lucky for you and me – we didn’t grow up in a technology time.

Every decision you have made from trying cigarettes to taking a multi vitamin has made an impact on your body.  And today it still does.

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This is so on point!

The human body is resilient but it is not resistant.  If your diet is high in carbs, fat, and easy food then your body is reproducing itself as a fatty, sugary, easy to welcome bad outcomes (overweight, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, slow acting immune system, etc.)

If your diet matches that above and your physical activity level is low to none then here’s your fork – you’re done.

If you are cool with that then I’m sorry.  I’m sorry there is no one in this life you want to live for (including yourself).  I’m also sorry if you have kids.  They deserve for their parents to be around as long as possible.  And I’m sorry you have settled for less.  Don’t you realize you deserve more?  Often times that more requires you to do some heavy lifting.  Oh there’s another I’m sorry for you – for your laziness.  (Burn.)

I have this bad habit of calling a spade a spade.  Hold the sugar, mama don’t sprinkle or coat anything in it.

So if you have a desire to work towards being the best you possible then the train is here!!! I’m working diligently to inspire you (and me) to get ourselves in check this month.  Thirty-one days of putting our health first and setting into some new routines and habits while kicking the old ones to the curb.

If you want to gain some control because you don’t seem to have it any where else then let’s start with your health.

If you want to buy some insurance on yourself that doesn’t cost a monthly premium then it starts with managing your exercise and diet.

If you are thinking about somebody right now that you couldn’t live without.  That person – who if they were gone tomorrow you would crumble and refuse to live on yourself – chances are they feel that way about you too.  This is the month you take control so you don’t fret over doctor appointments, can pick out prom dresses, attend college graduations, take that dream vacation , and rock in chairs when you are eighty-five with that person who was blazing a trail through your brain a second ago.

Make the decision - the ACT on it - daily. It will become your lifestyle and you will see results.:

Welcome to the new Healthy Girl Challenge.


How it works:

Daily posts on Snap Chat (username:  abullnojoke) Instagram (username:  Cardiocab) and the Facebook Page ( to challenge you.  I will skip a day or two a week and I will also let you know when we cheat!  Because we’re human – we cheat!

It helps to have a fitness tracker (Fitbit, Garmin, etc).

Reusable water bottle is kinda necessary.  I mean you can kill the planet with buying a bottle every day but c’mon be cheap.

You need sneakers and you must schedule your time to exercise.

I will give you food challenges, exercise challenges, sleep challenges (you love it), and more.

We’re starting so damn easy, y’all.  You’re going to like this, I promise.


So here’s your first challenge and it is super easy –

Today you are going to drink nothing but water, hot tea, black coffee.  No juices, no sodas, no milk, no sports drinks.  (March 1)


Talk to me, let’s get a dialogue going!  Snap me, IG me, we are in this starting right now



I finished up Lysa Terkeurst’s The Best Yes.  It was great and very inspirational as far as not saying yes or no (for me) but doing more of what I want to that maybe I was put here to do.  Recommending this for sure!

I’m currently listening to Truly, Madly, Guilty (Moriarty) on my jogs.  Y’all if this author doesn’t start changing stuff up a little I’m done with her.  I feel like every book is the same.  Maybe she was a fan of Nicholas Sparks?

Product Details


The next book I have picked out to read is: My Not So Perfect Life by my favorite Sophie Kinsella (I adored ALL the Shopaholic books).  After that I will be reading, The Young Wives Club by new author Julie Pennell.  I’m excited to get back to a Southern fiction.

I say I picked those out to read but I’m still doing Audible so I guess I should say have them read to me.  That makes me feel high class yet childish all at one time LOL!





14 thoughts on “Healthy Girl Challenge & Reading!”

  1. Ooh, I’ve got today’s challenge down! I’ve been a water only girl for 16 years. The Young Wives Club sounds interesting- need to finish up what’s on my shelf before I buy anything new. Love the quote from Skinny Ms.!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wooo hoooo girl! I’m a water girl myself but I must admit I spend the first half of the day guzzling black coffee. I have yet to buy a book – I get credits through Audible on Kindle and get books that way! Or I go to the local library (that has a terrible selection, sadness!) I hope you have an amazing start to March!!! You are awesome! xo


  2. I only have one cup of coffee a day and then it’s water all day. I was never a pop drinker. I love what you said about our bodies being resilient with not resistant!!! So true!! You are the BEST motivator!! I have not read that SK one yet, just went on the list, you know one of my fav authors too. LOVE ya!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was all pumped up to do this and then I read black coffee…. EEEEeeeekkkk.

    I have this terrible habbit of working hard, but working just hard enough to stay where I am at. IF I would be willing to put down the freaking donuts or whatever it is that day. I would see WAY more results instead of just breaking even constantly

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sugar, creamer, additives —- nope not today friend! A lot of people are at a plateau and like, OK I like my size. But it isn’t about a size right now!!!! It’s about arteries, intestines, and nerve connections!!!!


  4. I am so excited…but I may have already drank the coffee…moving on to only water 🙂 And the funniest thing about all your books…all 3 are on my list this month to read. Also, I have never read the Shopaholic books so I need to get on that at some point. I am excited for your challenges this month!

    Liked by 1 person

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