Happy & Smart Food!

There is one Southern Staple that I never turn away from.  It is the one food, I think, everyone can delight in.  From little babies with no teeth to one hundred and three year olds with, well, no teeth!  Grown men cannot turn away from it and women say, “Well I’ll have a smidge.”

You can make it the long way or the short way.  It can be laden down with fat and calories or made into a nice neat pretty-good-for-you dish.

I can make a list of two – two women who made it and I ate heaping spoon fulls of it as I grew up.  They generally made it for church gatherings.  I miss those old school church gatherings.

My Mamaw made it over the stove.  My aunt makes it diabetic friendly.  It tastes like summer in the middle of winter.  It is happiness and smiles and makes an OK day a fabulous event.

It is banana pudding.


My little recipe for this dish:


Happy Eating!

Happy Fat Tuesday!!   via I can't believe it's already Mardi Gras! Where the heck has the time gone?? Are you celebrating? Do you even know anything about Mardi Gras? It actually starts on January 6th. Tomorrow is the last day (based on the Christian calendar ! I lived in Louisiana...:



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14 thoughts on “Happy & Smart Food!”

  1. My husband will love this! I don’t like bananas but when we first started dating, I learned how to make a classic banana pudding to surprise him only to have him scoff that he hates bananas in banana pudding! My kids have since trained him to get over it, so they’ll love to make this!

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  2. Banana puddin’ is my one son’s favorite. Another pretty trifle from the prettiest chef!! Come over to the Blended Blog and link up this yumminess!!! The link works today!!

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  3. Yum! I need to make this ASAP. I love banana pudding. I also had to laugh at the Happy Fat Tuesday meme because you are right, it is a regular Tuesday here in the north 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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