Friday #8


Happy last day of the traditional work week.

Last weekend was great!

Friday night we devoured some Papa John’s and went to bed early because Saturday was b.u.s.y.

Saturday morning we were all up early.  My daughter had her first swim meet to participate in.  I had grand ideas of making her a great protein packed carb balanced breakfast but opted for….

Image result for bojangles

Dammit!  Mom fail for sure.  BUT she enjoyed her sausage biscuit LOL!

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Saturday morning swim meet #boring #swimlife #readyforballseason

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The swim meet was great.  She was nervous and overwhelmed at first but after reassurance from her coach and her friend she was good to go.  Can I brag for a second?  The child finished third in a few events and I was so stoked for her!  I back off when it comes to sports.  I grew up in a house where my dad would always yell and put us down when it came to sports (he sucked at them) so I choose to distance myself.  My plan of attack is to tell her she can do it, I believe in her, and then sit back and watch.  She was testing me with her attitude on Saturday when we got to the pool.  But I backed off and sat with my husband.  Look what she did!  She did it!

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Swimming the day away….#firstmeet #swimlife

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Swim meets can be super boring.  You are all excited when your kid jumps in and takes off but guys that’s less than 90 seconds of activity.  Then you may have to wait an hour or two before the next event your kid is in.  That means you and the husband take off to enjoy some time outside.

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We got #bored #winstonsalem

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Also, the four year old was in tow too so he had to get out of there for a little while.  The major plus?  The dog park.  The pictures were on my Snap chat so they are forever gone now.  Boo.

After the meet we celebrated her great job with….

Image result for chick fil a

We are Southern and we know it.  I should have died of a coronary this past weekend.  Never do I eat this badly.  Depression set in on Sunday.

We had an hour and a half to relax before hitting 64E to 1-74E to 501S to 701S.  It was time to venture to Conway, SC to visit the in-laws for the weekend.  This was our first visit there in years.  It was a lot of fun!  The trip was in honor of my husband’s grandma Katherine’s 90th birthday.  She’s a doll.

Since we were only twenty minutes from the ocean you know where we went Sunday morning!!!


Sunday night we got home just in time for everyone to shower and go to bed.  We were all tired!

We had a great week aside from my husband having a stomach illness, my daughter battling sinus issues, and my son’s new yucky cough!  Oh did I tell you I really hurt my back this week?  Yeah add that to the list too.  It has made work outs a little more nursing home style than CCK style.  BUT I am still working it.

Can I take a minute and tell La Nina I love her?  The weather this week has allowed shorts, tshirts, flip flops, car washing, gardening, and more.  This summer girl is grateful!



This week on the blog:


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Idea Board: March 2017

Have a great weekend!  We have ZERO plans so that means we can get into something unexpected (meaning fun?) Hope so!



12 thoughts on “Friday #8”

  1. That is awesome that you daughter got third in her events! I could not do competitive swimming because I am pretty sure I would die in the first lap! And this weather has been amazing but today it is suppose to be 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. #ihatetexasweather #readyforsummer

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  2. You wore your pineapple sweater! So adorable! Swim meets suck, but my son is super into it, so I have to be supportive. Our daughter wants to join the team this year, too. Ack! Enjoy this gorgeous weather!

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  3. That is great that your daughter got 3rd! I have never been to a Bojangles, of a Chick-fil-a. They keep us really sheltered and cut off up here in the north. Or…a Cracker Barrel. I feel like I would love all three. You had a great weekend and heres to another fun one! Enjoy the weather!

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