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Idea Board: March 2017

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I know we are still in February but, friends, we are ever so close to March.  This girl has to celebrate in March for various reasons.  The celebrating means I need an idea board!  I need to post up goals and dreams and make some stuff happen while working towards other ambitions.

Thus the idea board.

March is 10 years of marriage!

We are delaying our big celebration until later in the spring with our trip to Mexico.  However, you cannot let 10 year marks go by without a notice.  I have already planned for the kids to spend a few hours at a monthly hang out they enjoy.  That will allow the husband and I to have some time together on our actual anniversary.

When you celebrate you need one thing..

Celebrating 10 Years 10th Vow Renewal Anniversary by WyaleDesigns

CAKE!  Why not celebrate ten years with a mini wedding cake?  And we cannot forget some champs.  The catch?  I’ll be spending lent carb free.  I guess I can bow out of lent for a day, right?


Our first date, like real date, was to Ruby Tuesday’s.  I never want to go to Ruby Tuesday’s again.  Grossness.  We said this would be the year we tried a new restaurant every month.  So I’m thinking in honor of the pizza we devoured our wedding night maybe it is time to check out that award winning Italian place Di Lisio’s downtown.  Our one year anniversary we celebrated at North Harbor Club in Davidson on Lake Norman.  It was a total delicious event!  We have talked about returning there.  My husband has also been making note of other places along the lake shore to try as well.  One place that he has been interested in trying is Joe Fish

I am looking forward to just having some time with him where there is no other focus but each other.  It has been a long time, guys.

Another hair appointment!

I love the therapy that comes from time in the hair chair!  I know my girl will go more blonde with these high lights because spring is coming on!

Coffee Blonde hair color                                                                                                                                                                                 More

OK not platinum!

She told me at my January appointment that after a couple more inches of growth we would go into a new style.  I cannot wait for that either!  I think I may have to wait for April for that to happen!

I just want Sophie’s hair, please.


Spring returns!

Officially speaking that is!  I cannot wait!  I know that that doesn’t mean automatic 75 degree days and perfect sunshine.  However, it does mean we are getting further from winter!

I did not plant any new bulbs in the fall so I know my tulips and buttercups will bloom out from a couple years ago and that brings me quite a bit of joy.

The most joy comes from SPRINGING THE CLOCK FORWARD!  I cannot wait to have ample sunshine again.  I do not deal well with early sunsets.  Being closer to the sun means more outdoor work outs and that excites me to no end.

Go Run ##TooFit2Sweat:

With spring comes cook outs!

I’m already trying to piece together a get together complete with burgers and beer.  We have to celebrate the start of the months that make the majority of us the happiest!

With their full-on flavour and meaty texture, suitable for the grill, these completely vegan loaded burgers are an absolute must at any barbecue.:
Just hold the bun and I am IN!

My daughter has been ready to have another sleep over.  

Pancakes and pajamas birthday party: Photography: Ruth Eileen -
Yes this theme!

And I’m thinking this is the month it happens.  April will be too busy so let’s have a couple friends over for movies, pizza, and brownies in March.  Now, its just deciding when…

That in a very small nutshell is my idea board thus far….





9 thoughts on “Idea Board: March 2017”

  1. Happy early anniversary! That’s going to be a fun trip- we’re using our 10th and savings to take the kids to Disney next June. A new restaurant each month is a resolution I can get behind! Happy almost Friday!

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