What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday (February!)

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We are eating…

Hello Fresh!  This subscription service has been a fantastic change for our family meals three times a week.  Since our first box came in January we have been totally hooked!  I love cooking dinner again and we have been delighted with every single meal thus far!

Hello Fresh!

The best part about Hello Fresh?  The recipe cards!  On our off weeks we still can make our favorite meals thanks to the recipes that come with each box.  It is a total win win.

If you’re interested in trying Hello Fresh for free just be the first to comment with your email address and I will forward you a code for a free delivery!

I am currently reminiscing about…

Ten years ago at this exact time I was on the countdown to our wedding  We will celebrate ten years of marriage on March 10th.  Wow, time has really flown by.  

10 Years Ago – WOW!

This year we are celebrating with a trip, later in the spring, to Cozumel.


Um duh, spring is just around the corner!  That gets me super excited since it starts the part of the year I love most – the warm months!

London Photography - Magnolia, Notting Hill:
Isn’t this lovely?  Makes me want to go straight to London. Err not it’s cold there.


I have a few other things I shared earlier that I am loving.  Click here to see the wine, food, sweater, and more stuff I am totally in love with right now!

We have been up to…

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My baby boy who could care less the water was maybe 60 degrees.
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She did SOOOO WELL!  She was scared and nervous when we got there.  Her coach reassured her she would be just fine and after her first dive she was good to go.  I am so proud of this chick.  And look how beautiful she is.  WOW!

Being busy!  The daughter had a swim meet this past weekend.  We also headed to Myrtle Beach for my husband’s grandma’s 90th birthday.  This week I have been enjoying 70+ degree temperatures and cleaning out the chicken coop, washing my car, tagging clothes for the upcoming exchange, oh and cleaning!


What I’m dreading…

For Lent I am giving up carbs again.  I’m not necessarily dreading this but I know it will be challenge.  I am ready for it.

HAhaha I need to make these in all my weaknesses and post them around the house. Ultimate motivation ;):
Admitting he isn’t really the hottest thing to me but his body is buttah.

My family may not know this but they are semi joining me.  Shhhh!

What I’m working on…

Clothing exchange tagging – shoot me.

What I’m excited about…

Daylight Savings Time Weekend Wine Idea!:
OK it isn’t THIS weekend but it is coming and I am all for celebrating with a bottle of wine, champagne, vodka, whatever!

Daylight savings time!!!

Everything will be coming back to life after the winter and that is something I cannot wait for.  Our bulbs bloom out so beautifully in March and April.  It makes me giddy.

Watching & Reading

Image result for sweet home oklahoma
So one of the previews shows the first girl smoking cigarettes by a pool wearing medical gloves….what?!?! LOL  Y’all we must tune in!  This looks like it will be a little cray cray.

I am still watching the exact same shows.  However, I am excited for the newest show of the Bravo line up to start later in March!  Sweet Home Oklahoma looks like it will be hilarious!

This girl finished up The Best Yes and is working her way through Truly Madly Guilty.  I’m a little bored with it since I feel like Moriarty’s characters are redundant (even if they have different names) and the plot seems about the same as the other books.  However, I have heard this book gets better as you move forward.  Since I’m listening to it on Audible I can suggest the narration in the Australian accent makes it much more delightful since when I read on my own my horrible mental Australian accent kills it.


Listening to…

I tuned back into country.  My favorite right now is this hottie’s new hit…


No automatic alt text available.
Heaven is right behind me.  Nothing makes me happier than the sea.  Well…hold on.  I guess I should rephrase that but maybe not…haha.

Over the weekend I was on the beach rocking a tank top and rolled up jeans.  That’s my happiest outfit of the winter!

What I’m doing this weekend…

NOTHING!  I plan on making a yummy breakfast on Saturday and going to the dog park with Chippy The Puggle and the kiddos.  (Weather permitting.) Sunday will be church and hopefully playing outside…a lot!

March 2018…

St Patricks Day Wreath Shamrock Decor St Patricks by twoinspireyou:
Dearest Heather & Ashley, if you are reading this – we need to make these with different initial shapes or our doors.  Are you down?  I’ll bring the wine!


Looking forward to trying a new restaurant, celebrating 10 years of marriage, days being longer, five pounds lighter, spring officially beginning, tulips blooming, grilling, making something crafty, more dates with my local and not so local friends, tee ball, a margarita or two?, sunshine (please), buying some good flip flops, a tan, March is looking nice.




16 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday (February!)”

  1. You panicked me there for a second with daylight savings! Totally threw me for a loop! Yes, the new Bravo show looks funny. I can’t wait for Housewives of Potomac and Southern Charm to be back, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bring on sweet Spring baby!! 10 on the 10th, whoohoo, hotties!! Always adore your WUW, and so happy you made it to the sea!!! More time by the water a coming for ya girl!! Xoxo Luvs ya!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Giving up carbs… OMG, you are a stronger woman than I. I am already plotting my salad for lunch. I said post Emily’s birthday I would tow a line. SO, egg whites for breakfast and a salad for lunch. I CAN do this.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 10 years is a big one to celebrate! Love that sweet picture of your girl and her faint little freckles. Precious . Still jealous of your beach trip..totally my happy place! I’m about 6 chapters into TMG…still interested. I just finished the Woman in Cabin 10 though and it was really good.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You totally got me with the daylight savings pic! Hahaha. Stick with Truly Madly Guilty! It does get better! But I know what you mean about her characters being redundant. I also notice people eat Pavlova in her books a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

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