Friday #7



Last Friday my daughter had her first little dance.  It was sponsored by the peewee football team’s booster club.  She had a wonderful time and listening to her recount of the event was nothing short of hilarious.  “There were heart breaks and heart menders.”  Yes, she is so poetic.

Friday night was a mama-off night.  I was all by myself, except for my dog, we got some Taco Bell and watched what could be my favorite new HGTV show…

Image result for hgtv lottery dream home

I just love this show so much!  It is fun to see who goes balls to the wall with their winnings and who is very conservative with their money.  The host, David Bromstad, has been a little accessory to HGTV for years and I think he would be super fun to go on vacation with or be the weekend buddy of.  I’m sue he and I could tackle my idea board pretty well, too!

Saturday morning was glorious

Saturday morning I got up and ate waffles in bed and sipped coffee.  It was pretty much heaven.  The kids were off to the circus with my mom.  I took my time starting my day!  Beautiful weather was the gift of the weekend.  I, along with half the population, took off for the park.  Ms. Chippy enjoyed her first trip to the park and dog part for 2017.  If you saw my Snap Chat you know we had a blast!

The kids loved the circus!  Now they can tell their kids about the time the circus came to town since it is pretty much over with as of May.  (I was never a circus fan.  Clowns are just not my cup of tea.)

We wrapped up Saturday by watching Trolls.  Oh my gosh did it captivate my four year old or what?  At the close of the weekend he had watched it five times.  It was a cute movie!  I remember having a troll collection is the early 90’s and my mom had trolls in the 70’s.  Man, I shouldn’t have thrown those ugly things away!

I thoroughly enjoyed laying out in the backyard checking out a magazine and sipping Diet Coke!  We had fun with the kiddos too but I didn’t get my phone out for that.

Sunday was freaking amazing.  We got up and did the church thing.  I had Power Hour with the preschoolers.  I had two.  I loved having two sweet boys!  They were very enlightening.  Can I mention that we woke up to sixty degrees and got on up to eighty-one on Sunday?  YES!  Mama spent A LOT of time outdoors so I was totally in my happy place.  We also had a sweet girl’s ninth birthday party to attend.  That was super fun!

Valentine’s Day was an early release for the big kid.  After I picked her up we got her little brother and went straight to the grocery store to get the ingredients to make a chocolate trifle for my husband (Mr. Sweet Tooth).  My recipe will be available soon!


For Valentines we took the kids to see the Lego Batman movie.  My son is no longer allowed to go to the movies after this.  With thirty minutes to go he was OVER it.  So we spent time playing arcade games on demo mode.  My husband and daughter loved the movie.

My loves.

Wednesday I was feeling like a major blub of blah.  So I started to get back on track by making sure I took in more raw vegetables than any other food.  I also shared two quick Pinterest recipes that you should take note of!  I’m so excited that Wednesdays are now break time with my friend Heather.  A little relax and unwind while the kid is at church.  I need this!

North Carolina winters are nothing short of manic.  We have had very chilly week days and very warm weekends.  The fake spring is tricking our trees into releasing their pollen and that is probably why on Thursday I felt like total junk.  I woke up to drainage, scratchy throat, and just feeling very tired.  No worries, friends, I did persevere (remember that word?)  I also hit my max with work on Thursday!  I am no longer taking new clients as I am FULL!  What a great feeling!  I am so thankful to all my fantastic clients for their extreme generosity in the word of mouth department.  Perseverance does pay off!

Now here we are at FRIDAY!  We have such a busy weekend ahead and I am overwhelmed just thinking about it.


I hope you all have a terrific weekend!



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17 thoughts on “Friday #7”

  1. Look at mamas trifle, delish I bet!! Oh girl, I see that sweet sunshine! We are getting 60’s and sunny and I am giddy, lol. You are working your Perservere and I am sooo proud of you!! Happy Friday sweet babe!!


  2. I think you’re my long lost sister in NC! Clowns are scary af, so my parents took my kids last summer to the circus. My nana used to always say she was going to run away and join the circus when her kids were crazy! We live for a trifle around here, and I relish my alone weekends when the kids hit the ranch and I get to watch all the tv and eat what I want while nobody is looking! Have a great weekend!

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  3. Very jealous of your breakfast in bed. It sounds devine! I think Kansas and North Carolina are going through the same weather patterns because our weeks are cold and Saturdays are just pleasant as can be. Happy Friday!

    Great Plains Mama

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What beautiful weather! Also, breakfast in bed sounds and looks amazing! I loved Trolls, we watched it last night and it was so cute. My kids are obsessed with it now. And yes, I am also mad at myself for throwing my troll collection away now! Congratulations for hitting max with your clients. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love watching My Lottery Dream Home. It is fun to dream about what I would do if I won the lottery (that would be a great blog post). I would totally buy the most amazing house in the town we live in and one in the mountains. And I can’t wait for your yummy Trifle recipe. Have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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