2 Quickies for Healthies

Thanks, Pinterest, for saving my Saturday night dinner dilemma.  We have been doing Hello Fresh and in between deliveries I’m struggling.  I took to Pinterest when I realized I do need to feed my family (ha ha ha).  I found two recipes and whipped them up in thirty minutes.

Oh boy how fun to share these with you guys today on:


OK so I happened to have some boneless, skinless, chicken thighs in the fridge.  So I took this recipe and followed it to a tee just with a different cut of meat.  It turned out super yummy!

Easy healthy baked lemon chicken that is loaded with yummy flavor and you can make in a hurry with just a few simple ingredients.:
Lemon Pepper Chicken Via Pinterest

This recipe is a little different from my go to lemon pepper recipe.  It calls for honey and I never put honey in my baste.

Next up we needed a side.  My kids love potatoes.  My husband loves potatoes and rice.  However, I’m scrimping the carbohydrates.  In my freezer are packages of frozen cauliflower florets so duh sweeties….

Garlic Parmesan Cauliflower Rice:
Pin this here!

I’m not going to lie you can tell it is cauliflower but it is so good.  My four year old was shoveling it in his mouth, my husband really liked it, and my daughter didn’t eat crap that night so we cannot take her word on it.  Good, healthy, yay!



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