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Love is…

Show your mum some love with an alternative, floral arrangement. Love the colours used here.:

Everything I ever expected it to be and every single thing I never thought it would be.

It is giggles, cuddles, and falling asleep in the crook between your arm and torso.

It is lying in the dark talking about everything and anything that comes through your mind.

It is pancakes with powdered sugar on a Friday because it was in a book you read the day before at the kitchen table.

Love is jamming out to KidsBop ten million times and never knowing the radio version of songs again.

Love is building race tracks and then saying, “Let’s put some mountains in it!”

My babies LOVE summer like their mama!

It is raking up leaves in the back yard so your son can jump in them…in February.

Love is accepting that kids grow up quickly and being OK when she’s embarrassed to hold your hand or have you walk her to the door of a school dance.

It’s praying your best friend doesn’t catch the flu her kiddo brought home from school.

Love is always caring way too much about people.  And sometimes it erupts out in what looks like anger but is clearly just worry.  I have found that true love consists of lots of worry.

Love is seeing a shirt you know he will never wear but it fits your life so well you cannot pass it up.

It is putting everything else to the side so that someone can feel that they are important.

A birthday meal, every year for twenty years, that you picked and she made.  She’s gone but you still taste the love of every single homemade bite.

Love is packing two lunches for two different sets of taste buds.

It is reassurance.

It is taking advantage of the tiniest gifts of time to make a memory or two.

Love is accepting the biggest change of your life at the wrong time in your life to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Love requires no money, no class, no status.

It is an extra long walk on a clear day.

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A belly rub and a scratch behind the ears.

Love is sometimes tears and questions.  They do get answered.  Love never leaves them hanging.

Grace is love.

Love is wanting the best possible scenario to come to life.

It is not caring who is looking while you roll around like swine in a tidal pool.

Love is a text out of the blue that says, “Hey, how are you today?”

Loving people can be treacherous on our souls because it is so strong that it puts us in tough situations.  We want the wings to stretch, we want to give proper space, we want the brokeness of other’s pasts to heal.  We want worries to subside.  They aren’t always our own.  Because when we love someone so deeply we feel their pain and along with that pain and fear we have that worry that can only be associated by being the person who loves that person so deeply.

Love never fades away.  It stays strong.

Love is often confused with other feelings.

January 2016 – We had a lot of snow for here in the South. I hated it. But I smiled anyway.

But love, when you really feel it, has a power and pull all its own.  It is what all good dreams and nightmares are compiled with.  It is growth and happiness.  It is not knowing exactly what to do but wanting to know so badly so you can make everything in this life easier and beautiful.

Love is..

This day-to-day life.

If you've got that loving feeling, these quotes will make you feel warm and fuzzy... or maybe they'll just fill you with longing.:




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12 thoughts on “Love is…”

  1. What a beautiful post!!! made me tear up. Love is adoring someone you’ve never even met in person because of a blogging bond, common interests and all around admiration. Love you sista… to the moon and back!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

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