Friday #6 (Free Stuff!)

Estes dias postei no instagram um quadrinho em que eu imprimi uma das minhas frases preferidas “tudo vale a…:

Let’s see what has been going on since we last checked in on Friday of last week.

Last Friday…

Travel was crap.  I travel fifteen minutes east to take my son to preschool in the mornings.  Generally, I take back roads.  This try I decided to take the interstate.  WRONG ANSWER!  A creamer tanker (yes, coffee friends, a tanker full of creamer) overturned and shut down I-40.  What generally takes me fifteen to twenty minutes in the mornings took me one hour and five minutes.

All my eating last weekend was a total epic failure.

Saturday morning we all headed to Mooresville.  My husband needed new boots and everyone had told him he must  go to Whit Miller’s in Downtown Mooresville for boots.  We made a little day of it.  Prior to going in the boot store we hit up a HUGE antiques store (if you visit, go behind Whit Miller’s and across the train tracks.)

It turns out Whit Miller’s is indeed the place to buy boots.  My husband got his “dream” boots here and they were a fabulous price.  PLUS, the place is a cobbler shop too so they can work their magic to make your purchase extra fab for your feet.  We recommend it to all our local NC folks to check out if they are in the market for western or work boots.  They also carry Birkenstock!

The kids had fun walking around the little downtown area with me while the hubs did his shopping.  They particularly liked a fountain that had frozen overnight.  This is where I tell you I’m not a camera happy person and if you want to see picture you just have to get on my Snap Chat.  I did manage to grab this one…

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Sunday was THE DAY!  I had been so STOKED about the Superbowl.  We got up and went to church. We volunteered to help with passing out soup for the “souper bowl” get it?  Any monetary donations went to the preschool and that happens to be the preschool my son attends.  I never think to take photos at church so yeah I did not take any of us in the soup bus.

Sunday afternoon the kids and I went to my mom’s where we took a little hike to see the damage the beavers are making on the back line of the property.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

What used to be dry is now flooded.  Smart rascals.

Let’s talk about the game…

I really was disheartened by the first half and was pretty much thinking, “Well, um, ok?”  The Falcons seemed to have their plan together and were ready to get a W for the SB.  I drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of heart killer food (pizza, wings, cheesecake, chips, naughty, naughty, naughty.)  Then the second half came and during the fourth quarter my nerves were so out of control I had to pour a bourbon.

And then….

We won.

Gronkowski… didn’t even get to dress out for the SB but look at you, sweetheart.

Monday came and I worked.  I have started a new work schedule and I think I will like it!  On Mondays, I also work out.  Can I just say a weekend of horrible choices in the food and drink department had me looking at my middle and going – “Oh definition!!! Where art thou?”

Since this is North Carolina I spent a lot of early week time raking leaves!  I’m ready for spring and now that we’re pretty warm again I’m enjoying getting out and planning flowers and vegetables.  It was totally exciting to see my bulbs beginning to sprout!  Tulips and buttercups are on their way!

Displaying IMG_3820.JPG

I made Valentines for the kids’ teachers and bagged up some for the preschool kiddos.  But the best purchase was the reduced yellow tulips at Walmart!  Their fresh flowers last a really long time so when I saw they reduced them to $2 to make room for roses I was like SCORE!  I picked up a yellow bouquet and some lilies.  Happy mama!

Spring is coming, guys!

Proud mama moment:  My daughter has decided after March she wants to break from swim.  That’s fine with me, I let her lead the way in extracurriculars.  She knows she has to do a sport of some type during the school year.  I will not allow her to sit on a piece of technology all the days of her childhood.  That’s just gross!  You can imagine when she came home and said, “I want to do running club again,” how excited I was!  YAY!  So…we will be finishing up swim this month and move into running for March and April.  I love this because we can do it together.  I just need to load up her iPod and get her a cute new outfit <wink>.  Her past experience with running club was fine at the practice but fell to pieces at the actual 5K event they had.  Fingers crossed this time goes great.

Image may contain: 2 people

On Thursday I was able to have lunch with her for the first time this school year.  She’s not the kind of kid who wants her mom eating with her so I think she was appreciative but ready to get back to her classmates.

Hello Fresh Food Box with Recipes and Ingredients for 2 or 4 People:

This week was also another Hello Fresh! week here at our home.  GOOD food, guys!  The pork was amazing, the steak was divine, and the chicken….oh the chicken!  If you’re interested in trying Hello Fresh! for free then here is your chance.  The first four people to comment with their email address will get a FREE box from Hello Fresh!

For those of you who miss the chance use code AMANDABUL to get $40 off your first box!  


Where are we?

GYAIG – It Begins!

GYAIG: Eat Something

GYAIG Skin/Hair/Nails

3 Song Workout

Have a fabulous weekend!



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24 thoughts on “Friday #6 (Free Stuff!)”

  1. Kudos to your Baby Girl for knowing when to take a break. Coming from a cheer mom who had a MAJOR meltdown (silently, of course!) because HER daughter told her this week that she no longer wants to cheer! But like you, I worry about her sitting around all summer eating junk and staying on the computer. We gotta figure something out! Happy Friday, Friend! See ya on Snap!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woohoo for running club. Our school just got a XC team for the middle school and I am hoping that one of my kiddos will do that. But I also just let them choose which activities/sports they want to do so I will be good with whatever. The tanker of creamer made me laugh. That is horrible but so random. And if Gronk wants to party without a shirt…by all means…party on Gronk 🙂 Hahaha! Have a great weekend!


  3. Oh no, a creamer accident sounds horrible! That’s great about your daughter doing running club! How fun. I’m dreaming about planting my flowers and vegetable garden too! Come on spring! If you still have free boxes to give I’d love to try one! My email is


  4. Yay on running club!! I’m not going to lie, I love when they start to get big enough to enjoy the same things as me! One of the sweet parts of growing up! Have a great weekend!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Loved my hello fresh meals this week too!! I had the steak, cod and fig and brie grilled cheese yum. The Way hello fresh suggests to cook steak is spot on!! And what fun being able to eat lunch with your sweet girl. My cousin lives in Mooresville!

    Liked by 1 person

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