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3 Song Workout

I am just going to admit this right here:  Sometimes I don’t want to go to the gym.

Whew, felt good to get that off my chest!  Lately, I haven’t been too thrilled with class offerings at my local YMCA.  Wait, I worded that wrong – the times have not been conducive to my schedule for the classes.  This can easily present a dilemma.

When I know I will not be headed to the gym on a particular day I do a three things to offset my lack of sweat session at the gym.

Fitbit Memes for Fitbit Addicts & Fanatics:

  1.  Up my general movements 

Yep, I wear a Fitbit and this is a total help in the area of making sure I keep my movement strong on non-gym days.  Luckily, for me my job is very active and has me in constant motion.  When I know I will not be going to get in a traditional work out I up my movement game with the help of my prison Fitbit bracelet.  I also do simple things like: park farther away from the entry way of businesses I need to venture into; take the stairs just for fun; check email during a walk instead of sitting down.  If I have extra time between jobs I will head to the park to get in a jog or brisk walk.  Some people can march in place while they watch television and I wish I could but I get ADHD and it turns into a game of tag around the house with my four year old.

The best kept secret:
I love this it is so on point!

2.  Curb my intake

When I know I will be going to the gym I up my caloric intake to about 1550 calories.  When I know I will not be at the gym I drop it down to about 1,000 calories and sometimes less if I know I will not be super active that day.  This is personal for everyone but I know if I am not going to be working it then my brain tells my hunger center to shut it’s mouth saying, “You want chocolate NOW!”  On days that I do not get the calorie burn I traditionally get I drink well over 100 ounces of water, have a protein shake for a meal, and just munch on celery, carrots, and a banana for my lunch.  I always have my well balanced dinner (protein and vegetables!)  Gym days I have a protein shake for breakfast, leafy green salad with hard boiled egg for lunch, protein balls for snack, and then a well balanced dinner.  If you aren’t going to work it then don’t stuff it, got me turkey?

Sweat is just fat crying A free Printable:

3.  12 Minute Work Out

This is my favorite thing ever to share with you.  If I have the time (c’mon we all have twelve minutes) I pick out three songs and do a quick work out.  I spend 2 minutes in good deep stretches and then ten minutes in cardio.  I start with kickboxing (twenty jab punches per arm, twenty elbows per arm, ten round house kicks per leg) then move into squats (fifteen gentle squats followed by fifteen deep squats) next up I do a thirty second run in place to transition back to squats but this time I’m doing squat jumps.  I finish up with jumping jacks.  Guzzle the water and feel good!

This post closes out my Get Your Ass In Gear week here on the blog.  I have enjoyed your comments, questions, and conversation this week!  We will keep this going via Snap & IG!  I hope you are inspired to get a jump on your health…and summer body!



11 thoughts on “3 Song Workout”

  1. I’m going to swipe Alise’s fit bit. She got it for Christmas the year before last because all her friends were getting them. I knew it wouldn’t last and told Wayne that when the newness wore off, I’d take over. That day is here!

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  2. LOVE that quick workout. It would be perfect for days that I am to lazy to get out of the stinking bed. I ALMOST did that this morning but the hubby was lightly snoring and I said forget this and jumped up. Thank you honey for that motivation to listen to my alarm clock.

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