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spring bouquet in a jar in a gift of rubber boots (great April/May birthday gift):

Note:  I am officially over winter.  And that is a good thing since its been in the seventies here in North Carolina!  Never mind that we have two or three days in the sixties and seventies only to be followed by two or three in the thirties and forties.

Since, spring is roughly five weeks away (if I am undershooting that, do not tell me.) I am trying to not only get my body in good shape (again) and my physical systems in better shape but I am also focusing in on my largest organ and it’s kindred sisters – skin, hair, and nails.

Jennifer Anniston  If you love her hair color;  Bleach, 8A and 6N:
Here I am with my blonde locks.  UGH ok fine that isn’t me.  It’s my girl crush.  Jennifer.


In the winter the blonde fades out of my hair and I get this mousy brown crap that I cannot stand.  I live for blonde – it looks best on me and it hides all those fireworks growing out of my scalp.  Considering that blonde can do a number on your hair I try to give my hair the best possible moisturizing treatments.  I always use my (Pantene) conditioner immediately following a light sudsing (remember shampoo strips the hair) and let it sit on the hair for no shorter than five minutes.  The mix of steam from the shower and the conditioner’s moisture really soak into the hair shaft leaving my hair super soft and supple.

This Is Your Body On Olive Oil (Infographic)
And it heals up your child’s dry horrible hair.  Via:  Prevention Magazine

My daughter has extremely coarse and dry hair.  She needs more than a conditioner to get her hair to be soft and manageable.  For her, I set aside an hour every weekend to create her moisturizing concoction.  I use a quarter cup of Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle along with a third cup of olive oil.  We stir it together and apply to her hair then cover.  She lets it sit on her hair for 30-45 minutes.  Then she shampoos it out.  I dry it and style it with heat.  The next day she washes it thoroughly again and her hair stays soft, manageable, and hydrated.

5 Reasons Never To Sleep In Your Makeup - Reasons To Wash Your Face At Night - Seventeen:
Yes, I’m thirty-five but this infographic from is on point!  Who the crap wants blackheads?!?!!?

My skin care and make up routine in the winter is stupid for lack of a better term.  I am thirty-five and my skin has never been more strange to me.  It is no longer shiny or oily but pretty supple and soft.  I make sure to wash my face every single night with Neutrogena and the follow up with a good moisturizer.  Twice a week I do a retinol scrub to slough off the dead cells.

CoverGirl Smoothers BB Cream Tinted Moisturizer and Sunscreen - I sometimes wear this instead of foundation. The coverage is very light, but it looks so much more natural than regular foundation.:

Every single day I apply Cover Girl BB cream.  This stuff is my go to and it is cheap ($8)!  It keeps my skin protected from the sun, moisturized, and looking great!  Since I’m naturally a ghost (see my fair skin) I only apply a little highlighter on the top of my cheekbones and some fair blush.


In the next couple of weeks I will start my tanning routine.  No, silly rabbit, not in a tanning bed!  I have tried a bajillion tanning products – from the overpriced at nearly $90 a bottle to bottom of the barrel stuff.  Every time I come back to Banana Boat Endless Summer.  It doesn’t leave my fair skin looking like my body cannot break down Vitamin A nor do I look like Chester Cheetah’s sister.  Why do I start using it in February?  Duh!  To make sure I have it all evened out by the time I don that first pair of running shorts in March!

Essie Envy: Essie Spring 2016 - Lounge Lover Comparisons:
Via Esse

Time to pack up my dark nail colors.  I will pull them back out in the summer but when I have spring fever I want all the pinks, lilacs, and fun colors I can find!  My hands are dry as they come so I make sure to file my nails down, trim, use cuticle oil, and scrub!

Exercising, eating right, and taking care of appearances?  I would say we are so getting our asses in gear this week!

Happy Wednesday!




9 thoughts on “GYAIG Skin/Hair/Nails”

  1. That CG BB Cream is awesome!! Take good care of that gorgeous skin cause when you hit the 40’s it tough but if you have a jump, smooth as butta!! And I’m drooling over the nail colors especially Lounge Lover!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hate the winter as a similarly situated “fake blonde” dry light skinned lady in her mid 30’s. My derm made me get on this super gentle face wash and it doesn’t foam and doesn’t remove makeup, so I have been guilty of sleeping in it. I need to make an effort to use eye makeup remover all over first! I need to check out that banana boat stuff, never seen it! And the cc cream, what a steal!


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